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It’s about the spoiled


Your baby was born… The parents immediately, there are many new cases and concerns: How to bathe my baby? At what age a child should have their own crib? To give or not to give the baby a pacifier? Gaining experience of parenthood, the answers to many questions of the care of their baby they are in. And sometimes give advice of a friend, grandparents, or other professionals that assist in the care of the child. However, there are questions that cannot be answered immediately. They are rather connected with development of the child, with his comprehension of the outside world and contact with mom and dad. “Spoiled child” is one of these issues. Today we will try to answer the question: Can you spoil your baby?

The path, which takes place each child in his development is way from complete dependence on the mother or other carers to independence and autonomy. And this path begins at birth. The first year of a child’s life is the most important. In fact at this time is set up the trust in the people and the world and its origins that trust takes from the relationship of the child and his mother. The child first year of life is considered only in interaction with his mother. There is even such a term: dyad “mother-child”. The task of a mother is complicated enough. Because the child is totally dependent on her. The mother carries the child’s diet. In addition. it is a first object of this world and, accordingly, the child begins to build a relationship with her. And another mother’s job is to give you the opportunity to build a kid your personality and to know the external world.

When a baby is born, he is present only desire: the most important is nutrition and safety. If both of these desires are satisfied, the child is healthy and completely happy. He does not know what it means to be able to wait, to endure and to forego short-term pleasures. He is not yet available concepts: willpower, the desire for achievement, the ability to control your body and much more. When mom is late with feeding, the world for the child loses the security and is filled with bad traits. Because, that, my mother is the “first universe” for the child in the first year the single most important representative of our entire vast world, it was her reaction to their child’s behavior is reinforced and then, in a more adult based on them build relationships with other people. I think that to spoil the child’s first year is impossible. Mom must satisfy the desires of their baby. He must make sure that the world is beautiful, and projected that everything you want can come true. A small child needs to believe in the “magic wand”. It will take some time and interact with them a little to change. But the first year is his year.

When mom’s been gone a long time, and for the child the word long is not only a watch, but the minute he gets angry at my mother, and when she comes back and speaks to him gently, the baby begins to understand that the world is good and slowly learn to wait. People often ask me what it means to be a “good” mother? The answer to this question is not as simple. Indeed, how to be a mother she can only, as you interact with your child mom of a young child worries a lot and she certainly gets tired and sometimes angry with the child. Often mothers of young children believe that they should be around your baby all 24 hours. It is possible that the baby was in the mother, contributes to this belief. Actually, the woman who gave birth though and takes on the role of the mother, but she’s always a woman beloved of her husband. If during the day a woman will devote only a little time, maybe an hour or as much as she can distinguish among their Affairs and concerns, and this should be her only time, then it would be better to restore your strength and less fatigue .

“Good enough mother” can always decide to rock my baby or just to put in the crib. When the baby is upset, the warmth of mother’s hands and cuddling ( but more recently, being in mom’s tummy, he was ukachivala constantly) helps him to calm down and gain even more credence to this world. Lately I have seen come with excessive rigor, rather than with spoiled little children. Women often find it difficult to decide how much to caress. And hug my baby. Especially often it is manifested in regard to the boys. Many parents are “raising” the man almost from the cradle. When he cries, he is told that men to weep. Then, growing up, these adult men acquire qualities such as the hardness, inability to Express your feelings. When a baby is born, the experience of motherhood, especially if the child is a firstborn, and therefore no woman is hard to decide what to do in a particular case. She recalls how she was raised by parents, as they showed her their love. Usually, if the girl was brought up in severity, it will also be quite strict with her baby. Mom need to listen to your heart. Because until recently they were the same unit, after the birth goes some adjustment to each other and if. today, mom rocked the baby because she wanted, then it probably wanted and the baby. When the mother decides what to do with the baby in a particular case, she needs to listen to their feelings. If she’s sleeping with a child aged two or three years, it needs to solve, so I want her or need her baby.

Spoiled often begins when moms act like they feel more comfortable, and then change their mind. So, one mom constantly puts the bottle in the crib of her child, saying that he falls asleep faster and she was so comfortable. When the child was a year and a half, she decided that he is big and can fall asleep by himself. However, the child was accustomed to sleep and began to demand the usual ritual. Of course, she handled the situation and the child’s sleep will get better. However, if in the beginning it wasn’t from the convenience and needs of the child, subsequent difficulties would not exist. Spoiled often begins when there is no consistency in the actions of the mother. One day a child something forbidden, and on the other it’s allowed. In this case, it is difficult to determine. Can or cannot. We must always remember that the experience of life the baby gets through to him those around him, i.e. his parents. Therefore, if we prohibit something to the child, then the ban is forever. But if we understand, then tomorrow it can allow, and deny unnecessary. Always immediately say “Yes” to the child if you know. after prohibition, agree to the requirements of the child! Childish tantrums often begin where the parents are inconsistent in their actions and give children conflicting demands.

Almost all adults are very fond of massage. We all like touching our skin, taking care of us. This comes from childhood. Often, someone in childhood little stroked and caressed, in adulthood are more often found among visitors massage parlors. He seeks to fill that were given to him in childhood. Caress your baby, show affection and love whenever you want it. This way, you build confidence in the child, and hence this world. Don’t be afraid to pamper your baby, especially in the first year of life. Be consistent in your actions and decisions and then your child will be calm. good and purposeful. Being a mother is the happiest time, you and your baby.

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