Help for parents when children adapt to kindergarten.
  From the first days of life the child in the family habits are formed, attachment, behavior, which is based on a dynamic stereotype, i.e. the system of specific responses…

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The Psychological center of the Soul
  This book is about the communication of adults with children and to some extent adults among themselves. It continues and deepens the theme of my previous book "to Communicate…

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Congratulations to the wedding from the parents in your own words

Going to the wedding, the guests want to participate in a joyful feast, fun contests, dancing. All this ahead of, and now the ceremony of congratulations.

The audience sad: as you can listen to the same wishes of love, health, happiness and more children! The bride and groom smile and duty thank, looking longingly at the huge queue of guests who have yet to say a call center speech.

Of course, no congratulations at the wedding is indispensable, but if you approach the matter with a soul, anyone at this time will not be bored.

Wedding speech interesting to listen to

Getting started preparing the wedding speech, keep in mind that it should not be long. A little math: if the celebration there are 50 guests and each will stretch the performance for five minutes, the whole procedure will take more than four hours, and when to have fun?

Of course, parents, witnesses and close relatives have a lot to say to the newlyweds, but the other guests will have a couple of minutes.

Well, if you can give your congratulations to the newlyweds in verses of his own composition, but only if you are sure that you know how to do it well.

Nobody will please long opus with the wrong size and clumsy rhymes, better to say emotional words in prose. The same can be said about the humor. If you are convinced that your jokes will be clear to all, and contain no ambiguities – can add to it a little hilarious moments.

You can find congratulations to the bride’s parents on various sites, but, think, if such a speech at the wedding to look like state of the word for the average newlyweds.

Probably better for his friends to compose a few phrases that come from the heart and are designed personally for them. In addition, many guests also are in search of beautiful greetings, and where is the guarantee that you select the same texts.

There are things that should have no place in a wedding speech. These are any words that can spoil the mood of the audience, the disclosure of what the couple did not wish to speak. Don’t need to in your speech were:

hints and innuendoes,

mention of the events that are unpleasant for newlyweds,

the story about previous lovers and newlyweds.

Gentle guidance from parents

Blessing the bride and groom before you go to the registration, the parents give them guidance and advice on future life, I wish you love and happiness. Kind words dads and moms really need young people who are worried before such a serious step.

After the registration of marriage, parents greet the newlyweds in front of a Banquet hall with bread and salt. Emotions run high through the edge, the words stuck in his throat, and in presenting the loaf you can simply have a sincere greetings, basic it you say at the table.

At the Banquet were the first to take the word father and mother. Emotional parting words parents make the hall a festive atmosphere and comfort, to create a solemn mood. The first thing to greet them, talk about a happy event that brought all into this room.

Then the most emotional part is sincere, sincerely congratulations to the newlyweds. Do not be afraid, that excitement will forget memorized text, say whatever I feel at that moment and don’t be shy tears of happiness. To speech were more vivid, you can insert them in Proverbs, parables, fragments of poems.

Wedding is a special celebration: not all friends and relatives of the groom are familiar with his choice; not all the guests know the bride of the man who became her husband. It was the mother and father in his speech to introduce all of their adult child to tell about his life in your family, celebrate his best qualities.

The groom’s parents give the final word to the son, how carefully you need to treat a young wife how to cherish love and family happiness. Do not forget to praise his beloved, to celebrate her beauty, kindness, tenderness.

Wedding congratulations from parents to share examples from their own marriage, how important the man in the family and in the upbringing of the children you dream house in the near future.

The father or mother of the bride celebrated as the important role of female assistant and faithful friend of her husband. It depends on marital happiness and peace in the family.

The girl got the perfect partner, now her patience, wisdom and diplomacy will help to keep love and family. To conclude, you can offer to raise a glass to the young.

Thankyou to the parents at the wedding

The time has come to make a speech response to the bride and groom. Next to them sit the closest people who have made them born, raised, and now adults send children to independent life. It is impossible to thank them for everything, that would take not a few minutes, and the whole evening, so only talk about what is impossible to remain silent.

Don’t forget to say thank you to the parents of the other half that gave you love most. If not for them, there would be no meetings, no dates, not today’s celebration. Promise not to forget the new family, to love and respect them.

Traditionally at this point the couple are asking the parents of the husband or wife to call them mom and dad. Whether to follow this custom, each pair must decide.

Pre-talk to father and mother, wishes to learn how to call them your spouse. No need to put in an awkward position for future family if they prefer pinging by name and patronymic.

Congratulations to the bride and groom from witnesses

Usually witnesses are inviting their closest friends, and their performance is an important part of the wedding ceremony. Because they are the same age as the bride and groom, you can Supplement the parents ‘ story about Bridal side view of the younger generation. You can mention how he met the bride and groom, as developed in their love.

When preparing a speech, your imagination, even the standard wish the family happiness can transmit bright images with the words: “May your love always be so hot and strong that no hardship will not be able to penetrate into your world through this barrier”.

Add in the soft speech of humor, witty advice, wishes for the wedding in your own words, your message should be memorable for the newlyweds.

Not to spoil the impression of your speech, try not to talk about what may be misunderstood by someone else. See the text and get rid of it:

youth slang, and slang words;

a story about a bachelor amusements, this theme is more suitable for stag and hen parties;

humorous regret that glorious company bachelors best friend leaves;

the secrets that you trust.

Whoever you were at the wedding: the bride and groom, a parent, a witness or a regular guest, prepare a beautiful and original greeting in your own words.

Than sincere, emotional, brighter will be the talk of the participants of the celebration, the more enjoyable it will be evening. Perhaps at this wedding tedious congratulatory speeches turn into fun and memorable part of the wedding scenario.