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The Baptism of a child – rules for godparents. How is baptism


That children need to baptize, knows almost everyone, even the person an unbeliever. But why, and why, a plausible answer a few. “A tradition”, “because it matters” (though why it is important to explain not possible), “so now do”, “so the child then never showed, to me the most so psychologically calmer, beliefs are different: kind of unbaptized children in the moon bad sleep and so forth.” However, baptism is not a procedure for show. Need to approach it consciously and with understanding. Seemingly simple ritual, but it requires serious preparation. Only one list of “who can not be a godfather parent” consists of more than ten points.

When you need to baptize children. To baptize the child is laid starting from the eighth day of his birth and often before the fortieth day. But in principle, the baptism can take place at any age and on their own. As experience shows, the baptism of a child up to 4 months does not cause any difficulties. Baby is still little understood and is unlikely to be crying in the arms of strangers. Neither the number nor the day of the week at baptism do not matter. It all depends on the parents ‘ wishes and opportunities of the temple, where will be the mystery. But it is believed that the best day for baptism is Sunday, the most pure and bright day of the week. Good luck when the ceremony falls on one of the great feasts (except those that are associated with death). But the twins and the twins need to baptize on different days, and godparents everyone should have their. It is believed that equalizing “force” children first child to be baptized a second, and between the christening should take at least a week.

How to prepare for the baptism. Before baptism, you must choose a name for the child. Our ancestors usually named their children according to the Calendar. What Saint was glorified on the day of birth or baptism of the baby and called. Today, this tradition is a little one who has, on the contrary, parents try to think of her daze name pochodne and more original. In this case, when the baptism of children is given a second name which is similar to what his parents have given. For example, Jan can be baptized by John, and Margaret — Mary. Church name largely determines the fate of the child. That is why it is important to avoid hard luck to name a child in honor of a righteous man, not a Martyr.

Perhaps the most important thing in baptism is the choice of godparents for the child. In this issue once and for all to forget about the self-interest and politeness. Want to please the boss or fear that a friend will be offended if not call me, and maybe to take a friend who is not stingy on gifts for godson? Think again. Godparents not only hold your baby in your arms in the Church during the ceremony. These are the people who are supposed to be spiritual mentors for godson and to take an active part in his life.

In the first place godparents must be believers, necessarily belong to your denomination. This can be close friends, proven and in sorrow and in joy, people whom you consider your family and the ones that will be able to take responsibility for the baby.

According to Orthodox tradition, the godfather cannot be:

— minors (in fact, still unformed child, it is unlikely he will be able to take responsibility for the other);

— a relative of the parents (it is believed that they will participate in the upbringing of the child);

— he whose name matches the name of the child’s parents (our ancestors believed that in this case the procession might “replace” parent, meaning he will soon die);

— pregnant woman or a woman who has given birth less than 40 days old.

— women during the month of purification;

— married or intending to marry;

— the one who died a native child or godchild;

— the one who for forty years never had a family.

Although many, including the clergy, such prohibitions are called prejudices and just beliefs.

The main thing that the godfather was a good spiritual man.

The duties of the godparents is to prepare for the ceremony. Traditionally, cross buys godfather, and baptismal shirt — godmother. The cross purchased in the iconic store lighting not necessary, but bought in a regular store definitely. Another gift from godparents — personal icon.

How is baptism. The sacrament of baptism lasts no more than 40 minutes. In this moment of initiation of the child to God next to him must be spiritual parents. And since baptism is basically made to hold up to the fortieth day of life the baby, the mother is strictly forbidden to enter the Church. After delivery the woman is in a physiological impurity. The fortieth day since the birth — day churching of mother and child. After special prayers for the mother, a woman is considered to be purified after childbirth, you may visit the Church and attend the baptism of a child, if it is for any reason held later.

About the rules of baptism in any Church you must know in advance the interview the priest. Somewhere I may have to take special preparatory talks which will tell you about the baptism and remind the foundations of Christianity. By the way, the priest may postpone the ceremony if they consider that the parents or godparents are not yet ready. In one Church may be denied, if one of the godparents be a close relative of the mother or the father, and the other will be against cross-spouses.

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