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Health – Parents of children


Adults go to the toilet thanks to his brain. The signal from the filled bladder enters the brain, and he commands: “be Patient” or “Go to the toilet”. The brain child must learn to recognize these signals of the bladder. If not, then the child endlessly written. Often this happens is to blame incorrectly selected pot.

Very often parents buy musical pots . as soon as the liquid from that pot sounds funny song. Use musical potty is the development of a conditioned reflex: the music started – pee. When similar experiments in dogs conducted academician Pavlov. He gave the dogs food and included a metronome. As a result stood out the gastric juice. And then it turned out that if you just turn on the metronome, the gastric juice will also stand out, and don’t need food. Combining a trip to the toilet with music, you will develop the child’s reflex to the tune. Accustomed to, he can start writing anywhere, as soon as you hear this kind of music.

Pot toy also enables the baby to learn to go to the toilet. The child plays, gets distracted and forgets to pee.

The potty should be comfortable . that it could well be based.

The act of urination is fully formed in children to 4 years. By this age, the child must learn to hold urine day and night. But often there are situations, when a child after 4 years not comfortable with this process. The reason that the child is not accustomed to the pot, may be Escherichia coli and bladder infections – cystitis . In girls, the distance from the exit of the rectum up to the entrance to the urethra is very small. If parents do not comply with the rules of hygiene of the child, E. coli can penetrate from the rectum into the bladder and cause inflammation. Your baby will need to scour every day and also every day to change his underwear.

In addition, to prevent inflammation of the mucosa of the bladder will help a special medicine called “Uro-Vaxom”. This drug, similar to a vaccine that contains dried E. coli. When it enters the body, it produced protective proteins – antibodies. They for life remember this microbe and in contact with live Escherichia coli destroy it.


– the earlier you start to teach a child to potty, the better;

– boys need to pee standing up;

– children need to be watered enough. If the bladder is not received, the urine, it does not grow, and the child develops enuresis.

The President of the Association of pediatric urologists and andrologists, Professor Irina Kazanskaya.


On our back there are a lot of nerve endings that feel the touch. When we touch them, to the brain in the pleasure center received an enormous amount of pulses. Even an adult, when his hug and Pat on the back, will feel a surge of joy and happiness. If man hug, tactile insufficiency occurs, i.e. the lack of touches. Even in adults this leads to a subconscious feeling of loneliness. But tactile especially dangerous failure for children.

When the baby develops inside the mother’s womb, his back very tightly in contact with the wall of the uterus. This touch creates a sense of security. But then the baby is born and deprived of the opportunity of close contact with the mother, which means that it lacks security and rest.

Children need a hug, stroking her head and back . When we embrace the baby, the stimulation of nerve endings on the back of rises in the brain. Here activates the pleasure center, and the child feels completely secure.

In addition, the child needs to make every day an easy a Wellness massage . providing additional contact mom with a baby.

Remember: for children first years of life are governed by the “rule short arms”. It is desirable that to 5 years the child was always near you at arm’s length.

Pediatrician-in-chief of the Moscow health care Department, Professor Alexander G. Rumyantsev.



In Russia, more and more children hospitalised after swallowing tiny magnetic balls. Being in different parts of the intestine, the balls are attracted to each other with such force that in the gut, formed a hole, peritonitis occurs, and the child may even die.

The first sounded the alarm doctor Leonid Roshal. Following him to the problem addressed surgeons Filatov children’s hospital, because every year it goes up to 15-20 children who swallowed magnetic beads.

To avoid such cases, children should be clear supervision. In the first years of life the child must not be from the parent further than arm’s length.

The President of the National medical chamber Leonid Roshal.

Professor, chief pediatric surgeon of Moscow Alexander Razumovsky.

Pediatric surgeon in Yekaterinburg Natalia DAC.

Member of the Federation Council of Russia, TV presenter Alexey Pimanov.

Educational games

Let your children grow up smart, play with them in educational games. Such games can be made from improvised means.

1. Unusual rocket. Put in a box effervescent tablet (for example, effervescent vitamin), fill with water and close the lid. On top put a piece of cardboard conical shape. After a while it will shoot like a rocket.

2. The bird in the cage. Draw on one side of cardboard bird and the cage. With the two sides attach to the cardboard, rope, screw both ends of the ropes, and then they stretch. The cardboard will start to rotate, so that the bird will be in the cage.

3. The ball on the needles. The ball can be easily punctured with a needle. But if you put the ball on a lot of needles, pressure is distributed, and the ball will not burst. Put the ball on the needle surface, press down on top of the Board and invite the child to put pressure on the Board to ensure that the ball will not burst.

Children’s doctor Leonid Roshal.


Spring Allergy occurs in adults and in children. Sore throat and red eyes in the spring is not cold and spring hay fever. If left untreated, can develop bronchial asthma.

Each Allergy Allergy occurs on your flowering plants. Microscopic particles of pollen into the nose. In the mucosa are the fat cells. They break and throw histamines. As a result, severe runny nose, coughing and even choking.

7 of the rules, how to beat allergies

1. The dust in the house is the main allergen, and the water is the main enemy of dust. Connecting with the dust, the water left her, not letting me to fly and get into the respiratory tract. So the first rule of wet cleaning every day.

2. Install in the apartment with a humidifier . Droplets of water, which he identifies, are precipitating the dust.

3. The main source of allergies is the man himself. To minimize the possible contact with the allergen, you need to regularly wash your hair and take a shower .

4. Rinsing and washing clothes will also help get rid of allergies.

5. The most allergenic flowers – lilies, orchids and hyacinths. So don’t give Allergy cut flowers . especially in the spring.

6. In the spring, the window should be covered with gauze . you need to spray several times a day.

7. Use special equipment for cleaning of premises. For this approach aqueous cleaners or vacuum cleaners with filter for allergens.

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