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Why the child does not sleep at night? A restless sleep


One of the most common causes of sleep disturbance in infants are abdominal pain, which usually occur about two weeks after birth. Half of them to two months of improvement, and some will experience pain up to four to five months. The exact cause of colic is unknown, presumably, is guilty of cow’s milk. It is known that the most commonly abdominal pain concerned about infants who are breastfed if their mothers consume more than 0.5 liters of cow milk per day. In addition, these pains can be related to the composition of infant formula.

Often, chronic sleep disturbances may be caused by Allergy to salicylates that are found in aspirin, food additives (yellow dye tartrazine (E 102) and some vegetables and fruits (tomatoes, citrus, raspberry). With the exception of diet salicylates significantly improves sleep in several days. In any case, before you dare to enter anything in your diet or change your child, consult your pediatrician.

Another reason that the child does not sleep may be teething. In this case, effective assistance can have a soothing gels and massaging the gums with ice.

The cause of poor sleep can often be associated with congenital diseases of the Central nervous system — encephalopathy. The impetus for their development can become gynecological diseases in pregnant women, your bad habits and stress transferred.

The reason for the poor sleep may be a brain tumor.

High anxiety at night in toddlers cause and ear diseases (otitis media), and goiter. All this is accompanied by quite severe pain, and baby isn’t sleeping.

Sometimes irritability and poor sleep characteristic of children suffering from pinworms. The child concerned itching, but his nervous system is constantly poisoned by toxins secreted by pinworm.

To sleep disturbances may lead and infectious diseases — influenza, meningitis, encephalitis, and just high temperature (38-40 degrees).

The child may be tormented by terrible dreams, leading to a sudden Wake UPS. It is scientifically proven that a baby dreams in the womb with 25-30 weeks of pregnancy. Still don’t know, why am I having these dreams, dreams of the child and what is the role of dreams in child development. One theory is that dreams in children — it is their genetic memory, which can be seen both in the cinema and provides loading of the brain with the necessary information, and also develops feelings and thinking. Poor sleep can impair physical and mental development of the child.

In older children, cause “insomnia” often lies behind the various night terrors.

Three to five years, everyone from children to avoid the fear of the dark. As a rule, during this period, the child becomes familiar with book and animated movie bad. Their images are so vivid that the child begins to fear to meet them alone in a dark room.

In five to seven years, some children begin to think about death. Most often, they are avoiding Frank conversations with parents on this topic simply because it’s completely incomprehensible and mysterious phenomenon for them. But if the family is dying of someone close, a child is deeply experienced, although not outwardly show it. The moment of falling asleep the child in some cases becomes unconsciously associated with the moment of death.

More common for this age of fear — fear of the elements. Today’s boys and girls he is largely popular is heated and unchecked show on TV disaster films on fires, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, etc.

Seven years is the age of the first school bell. After the celebrations start early working life, often come with them and the new fears: the fear of a bad response, disapproval the teacher or unkind classmates. The child is afraid to seem ridiculous, weak or unintelligent. And if he finds no sympathy from parents, fears are easy to attach, and then begin sleep problems. Lay down to sleep, the child cannot avoid the thought that the next morning he was again waiting for a school nightmare. Trying to buy time, he deliberately sits up in front of the TV late and even willing to sit at a Desk, doing homework is much longer than required.

Insomnia can also be due to errors in the child’s upbringing when parents themselves create a situation conducive to the emergence of sleep disorders. This failure to sleep, when a child is put to bed every day at different times, romps at bedtime. The child does not sleep, if you have to raise his voice and shout.

Restless sleep of the child says that the baby has something wrong, maybe something hurts. Therefore, we should try to find out the cause of a bad dream in the first place to try to correct it. Causes of restless sleep can be, in particular: colic, rickets, or any vitamin deficiencies, neurological disorders (or a child getting Horny before bedtime), teething, change of weather from weather-dependent child.

Recipes from Vanga restless child

Causes of insomnia in children can be many: the excitement before going to sleep, discomfort, damage, etc. For the treatment of pediatric insomnia Wang suggested the following tools:

Early in the morning, when the grass dew drops, spread on the meadow clean white sheets and thoroughly soak it with dew. Then wrap in a sheet of the child, let him sleep an hour and a half until the sheet is dry.

To give the child drink at night with 1/4 Cup of broth from the pumpkin with honey: 1 Cup of water – 200 g chopped pumpkin and 1 tablespoon of honey. Boil the pumpkin for 15 – 20 minutes in a chilled broth add honey.

A decoction of chamomile bezyazykove: one tablespoon of herbs of chamomile bezyazykove with flowers pour one Cup of sweetened boiling water and cook for 15 minutes. To give the child in the form of heat in one hour before bedtime 1/4 Cup.

The infusion of Valerian root, one tablespoon of chopped Valerian root, pour a glass of boiling water. Boil for 15 minutes on low heat. To insist 45 minutes, drain. To take one teaspoon three times a day.

From the evil eye, fear and insomnia in children Valerian helps. At night you need to bathe the child in the water decoction of Valerian to sleep was smooth and quiet.

You can bathe the children in the decoction of the herb bedstraw. Bath need five tablespoons of lady’s bedstraw herb in one quart of boiling water. Insist half an hour, drain in the tub. Immediately after bathing, you need to put the baby to bed.

Folk remedies treatment of restless sleep

Pour 1 teaspoon of the juice of fennel and 1 teaspoon of honey 1 Cup of milk. Store in the refrigerator no more than one day at room temperature not more than half an hour. Give the children 1 teaspoonful after meals in a heated state to improve sleep.

Put at the head of the child Valerian root, wrapped in gauze fabric, so that the child can sleep more restfully.

Pour 1 dessert spoon of chamomile flowers 1 Cup boiling water and infuse for 1 night. Drain and give the child 1 teaspoon 5-6 times a day so the baby can sleep more restfully.

Pour 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh dill or fennel seeds 2 cups of water. To insist, to filter, to give the child 1 teaspoon at night.