I'm afraid of her - Scary stories
  "I don't know what to do, call me crazy, but everything I say is pure truth! In General, start from the beginning. I - Sasha. I'm only 22 years…

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The Psychological center of the Soul
  This book is about the communication of adults with children and to some extent adults among themselves. It continues and deepens the theme of my previous book "to Communicate…

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Children’s fear – the history of life


Max large wide eyes. Sometimes he’s enthusiastic, and in those moments it’s a boy the most beautiful smile. But sometimes his eyes instantly fill with tears. He is 2.5 years. He is a little afraid of what, it seems, children’s fear and especially the fear is not about him. Even with the snake from the circus, who recently was in kindergarten, he stretched his tiny arms saying, “Ahhh!”. But sometimes in his sleep he dreams. What is it? What afraid of a little curious boy, who enthusiastically – as only does he! – exclaim “Ah!”, while spreading his arms and blurring in a smile?

My nephew is a visual type’s concentration. This means that the vision for him – not just a channel of learning about the world, and one of the most informative channels. This talent is of particular natural sensitivity, a large palette of emotions. Not surprisingly, pricelinecom prone at any moment to cry. The visual type’s concentration — this means that the colors of the surrounding world he eats as a caterpillar leaves. New flower appeared on the table, he immediately noticed, directing her finger at him: “Flower!”. Beautiful, I ask? Nods: “Beautiful!”.

Max wakes up early in the morning, seven no, and sometimes only exceeded 6 MB. Shows aside the curtains and smiles, “hi! The sun rose”. And his eyes! How they convey emotions! He has a very expressive face. And that him doing exactly eyes. But should he not find the person to which it is most accustomed to for the last time, as this enthusiasm instantly replaced by tears.

What is behind children’s nightmares max?

Max and I can agree: wait here, and grandma porridge will bring. Yes, Max nods. But if a loved man been gone a long time, max starts to panic. A few months ago, feeling lonely, stick to Max door glass and cry, sometimes even whimpering to himself, as if singing some pathetic song. Soothe it could only the appearance of a person close to him. Now he grew up, so when his gripping fear that dumped him and left him alone, he runs out of the room and runs to the kitchen. Rushes – here it is, look here! A sense of security returned to the baby, and tears instantly dry. Unless there is a new round of tears.

Fear of loneliness is one of the strongest fears visual type’s concentration. Of course, the kids he puts it somewhat differently: if an adult fear of becoming hysterical in nature, in children it is associated with the lack of a sense of security and, consequently, the capacity to survive.

Max has no fear of dogs. and even he’s not afraid of snakes (educators was surprised that Max is the only one who cried watching the animals in the circus), but one to stay he doesn’t like. If not: afraid. Sometimes, judging by some scraps of words he utters in his sleep, he dreams of nightmares. It is possible, therefore, to fall asleep in his crib, he flatly refuses. With the grandmother. The crib is right next to the couch grandmothers, and when Max falls asleep, his transfer there. As I look at the world already systematically, it is obvious to me that this confirms the fears of my nephew (how to get rid of them – more on that below). And sometimes, getting into a certain phase of sleep, our little man wakes up, and then it can soothe, hugged her, asleep in an embrace. Sometimes, even without nightmares in his sleep, he holds the handle and lingers: yeah, in the grandmother – so is sleeping on.

Small Builder of emotional ties

Woke up and fell asleep, Max with all of us saying Hello or good night wishes, kisses, hugs. He’s a hugger, if there is an opportunity for someone to hang, will gladly do. And new people vividly remembers if they played with him “in goal” (in football). And sometimes the room filled with his laughter is Max runs away from someone who tries to disguise.

After school – in the hand of a favorite machine. He even sleeps with her (it was the child emotional bond builds, not the visual type’s concentration without it). To stick to the toys. dolls or cars, in principle, visual type’s concentration is normal. The main thing is that over time, as they develop, the child is changed and the object of this communication. Indeed, the development of the senses of the little man gets more complicated with time, and at first he animates objects, attached to the toys. Max has “If” — so he calls his small drivers cars, is “Kai” — cartoon hero, he is depicted in his cap.

Max has not only favorite toys (and now he runs around the room yelling “Machine, where are you?”, I was watching him for about five minutes. After fruitless searches comes up to me: “Go look for a machine!”). And of course, there are those without whom he can’t. Sometimes he remembers “mow” – the cat – and goes to look for her. But if she is lying on the bench when he returns after kindergarten, walking around her in circles, hugs, pats, repeating like crazy “Kosha Kosha”.

Fear of the dark — children’s view

He has some kind of obsession, as it may seem, the passion to light more precisely to a table lamp. He pulls the handle to her, loves to press buttons. But, I suspect, for max it’s not just a toy, hiding everything from him (or he with her little hands everywhere gets – fondling, studies, learns, so he has other properties of the unconscious manifested, skin). For max table lamp is the light source. “Grandma, look out!” ” he smiles.

Light – salvation for visual type’s concentration. Dark maybe the friend of youth, but evolving visual type’s concentration to this friendship is still far. Fear of the dark – root fear visual type’s concentration, inherited from his ancestors. This fear is based on unconscious fear not to see the danger in the form of a bloodthirsty predator, which means that it is impossible to escape from this predator under cover of night. This fear is bordered worst fear visual type’s concentration – the fear of death. Therefore, everything connected with death – for example, someone’s funeral – you can leave visual type’s concentration in a small deep trauma. The same effect can give some terrible tales, cartoons, mythical Baba Yaga and others like them that sometimes parents resort to manipulate the child.

The visual type’s concentration exposed to many phobias and fears just the same because of the same natural properties – the same sensitivity and receptivity, which can make him very sensitive and empathetic person, humanist. It is clear that fixing the state of fear, loses visual type’s concentration (or rather, it denied those who incorrectly brings up) the lion’s share of positive colors in their future lives. The claim that the future of our children depends on us, parents, to Sidelnikov can be rephrased as: from us, those, under whose guidance grows a little visual type’s concentration depends on whether the child is shaking in fear and hysterics or learn how to truly love.

Recipe from phobias

The fear of loneliness, like the rest of other fears, is treated in only one way in removing him out. Need to correctly pick up tales – those that are taught to empathize with the characters, maybe that bring tears of compassion, but in any case not horror stories and horror movies.

It is important that feelings grow a little visual type’s concentration to compassion, empathy, empathy, and then and love to people helps a strong emotional bond with parents. Along with the development of sensibility in visual type’s concentration develops the intellect, and with it, go parallel to children’s fears and phobias.

The right education will create a visual type’s concentration field for the full development of its mental properties. If in a state of fear the visual type’s concentration will fear for your life, then in the opposite condition, the state of love, he will be able to convey to others an understanding of the value of life in General, life everyone, not just your own.