The Baptism of a child - rules for godparents. How is baptism
  That children need to baptize, knows almost everyone, even the person an unbeliever. But why, and why, a plausible answer a few. "A tradition", "because it matters" (though why…

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The Development of independence the child's third year of life in a family environment.
  Currently, the character of family education in modern Russia is very variable and depends on many conditions, but a major in the education of children up to three years…

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I’m afraid of her – Scary stories


“I don’t know what to do, call me crazy, but everything I say is pure truth! In General, start from the beginning. I – Sasha. I’m only 22 years old. This year he graduated from University, got a job, after two months I’m getting married. Wedding with my ex-classmate Oleg. The parents of Oleg have an apartment in the city, which actually increased my Oleg, and still have a house in the country. The house is large, with a plot, there they whole family leave for the summer. Now Oleg’s parents live there, the apartment was left Oleg, after the wedding, decided to give it to us, and to move out of town. And now, while parents Oleg is out of town, I live with him in his apartment. Very happy that we’re married, I love him…. And it’s true love! Want kids from him. With little black eyes, like his, and with blond hair like mine. Or, conversely, with dark hair – or with pale blue eyes like mine. And curls I want them to have – like him. We are often in the form of a comic talking about this. Sons give up on football. Will, as himself Oleg, players and girls in singing as I am. These conversations can take us five, six hours a day. About the future, about children. In General, I was happy. Absolutely. But there’s something else. once again, the usual meaning nothing at night when we slept with Oleg, I had a bad dream: “I dreamt of a girl, a teenage girl, pretty, blonde and brown eyes. So, what kind of daughter I dreamed of… as though She had entered the room in which we slept with Oleg, and when he began to come closer to me her hair as if began to darken. When the girl is bent over me, it was quite black. She was crying, it was hard to see. At some point, I even thought that she is not on the ground, and hangs in the air. The girl was crying, choking back the tears, and that was trying to say.

Waking up, I became somehow not on itself from what I have seen, but even worse I felt, when she again came to me and the next night. But she was dressed differently. If in my first dream she was from head to toe in all black, then the next night she came to my school uniform. In school uniform (as worn before) and with two white bows on the head. Again she cried and tried to scream through her tears. I didn’t understand a word she says, but somehow it seemed to me that she’s trying to tell me that will not leave me alone. The next day I felt really bad. So bad that I even leave work early. I came home, I sit and cry. Just cry. Scared me these dreams. Looked through dream interpretation, look through all the sites on the Internet. And suddenly I remembered what had almost forgot. This happened back when I lived with my mother, brother and grandmother in the province. Went to school, studied singing and kissing near the emergency exit with Marik Vorobyov from a parallel class. Oleg lived in the same apartment in which we shall live after the wedding. He lived with his parents and big dog. The school was a football star, constantly went to the competition. Then we were 15 years old, and we learned in ninth grade. Each other did not know. Everyone lived their lives. This story about Oleg told me the girls from the hostel when we met, and were not even friends. Studied in the first year, he hardly knew. Just went to one University gossip, it came to girls, no one really knew the truth, or not. And Oleg to ask nobody dared, and here the girls told me the story:

In General, when Oleg was 15 years old, and he studied in grade 9, he was in love with a girl, madly in love. Worked him constantly, wrote notes with confessions. I do not know. What exactly happened there, but Oleg chose another. A girl that had long died for him, and then once came to him right home, in tears hysterically. Oleg let her into the apartment, she told him that she loved, can’t live without it. Oleg said that another loves. And then she let him threaten’ll kill myself for grief if he will not. And, in General, word by word. Details my girlfriend didn’t know, but the point is this: She hysterically ran to the balcony and kicked down. All. Girls were no more. For some reason I didn’t believe in this story. Then completely forgot about it, and on the fifth year we already began to meet with Oleg. And here I started having these terrible dreams. And I remembered the story I told the girls four years ago. I thought it may be somehow connected to each other. After all, the girl chipped in from the balcony in this apartment! When Oleg came back from work, I plucked up courage and asked about this girl. He turned pale. At first didn’t want to say anything, but then told. Said very good the girl was, She Rajewska. She was kind, funny and cute. But he did not love her, it was not quite what he needs. Liked him different, his classmate Christina. Ksenia he was sorry to madness, was, says for months she faded very badly: the gleam in his eyes disappeared, even the color of the hair lost, ceased to laugh, constantly, she came with bags under his eyes. And just a month all these changes happened to her. And in a class all say, say, see Oleg what you’ve done to her. The last days of her life she was totally out. Much thinner, his cheeks were sunken, silent, no one spoke, tears in his eyes constantly. Oleg to see this didn’t just. Decided to school not to go for a while, so she didn’t see him. Didn’t come once in school, she’d come to him. Well, actually no, like a mummy, pale, shrivelled, all in tears. Home Oleg was empty, only he. Well, Oleg then decided to talk to her in a human way, to persuade her to return to his former life. Reassured, he sat in the chair, the bowl of salad that mom did, I did, trying to explain something to her, and she looks as if through him and repeats the same thing

– I love you! I’m without you can’t live! I love you!

Oleg to explain to her that is trying, and she did not seem to hear him. Well, he then got angry heavily, noisily, and she says to him: “I’m a window will pop out!” then Oleg hollering at her and said that she’s stupid, and as she jumped up and onto the balcony, Oleg even not have time to recover, and when I realized it, a bullet to the balcony. But she was already gone.

Oleg then long in themselves could not come. About Christina her immediately forgot. At some point he even started to think that he loved Mary. In high school he had friends as it was, everyone turned against him! And indeed he was not just when the whole school knew about it, even the teachers knew everything! They moved him to another school! Mom Kushina it blamed as he did not go to her, many didn’t apologize, she the door before it closed. Cursed him, and six months later she came. Said that she and her husband leave town because they can’t live here anymore, all about his late daughter recalls. Oleg said that absolves him of sin. And left! And now it’s been seven years. Oleg told me all this. I sat, cried, couldn’t believe it was true! About his dreams to tell him not become! Then Oleg showed me school pictures, showed them to Mary, and though it was a blonde girl, as in my dreams! A week passed, she comes every night to me, says he will not give to live in peace, says he will torture me! I’m scared, Oleg afraid to tell, afraid to hurt him! But I don’t know what I do?”

Why the child does not sleep at night? A restless sleep
  One of the most common causes of sleep disturbance in infants are abdominal pain, which usually occur about two weeks after birth. Half of them to two months of…


Child erotica in cinema
  The scene in erotic movie involving teenagers and sometimes even children - not such a rarity, however, it must be noted that world cinema knows relatively few examples in…

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