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English for Children from one year to 6


In modern conditions the knowledge of at least one foreign language greatly expands the range of human possibilities. As you know, English is the international language, people communicate in many countries of the world. The English language has taken root not only in their homeland, in England, but in countries that were once colonies of the British Empire: Australia, African countries, etc. Therefore, to English parents teach their children.

The language comes naturally from early childhood. To the same natural way to teach the child English, it is best to “load” it in natural or artificial bilingual environment. What does it mean? Natural bilingual environment is formed in “blended” families where the parents speak different languages. Thus, hearing both languages in the family, the child learns them both as family. Artificial bilingual environment can create your child parents who are fluent in a foreign language.

The main secret kids ‘ learning English in an artificial bilingual environment is a defined “role” of each parent. One parent communicates with the child in one language, the second on the other. “Roles” parents do not change until the child reaches 4 years. Until about the age of four the child may be confused in his speech, the words from both languages, but after his speech clearly differentiated into two languages.

Instead of the parents is a native English speaker to create artificial bilingual environment can act as a nanny. This method, called “method of Gouverneur”, suggests that the nanny-governess communicates with the child only in English. She does not teach the child language, and literally “live” with him in this language environment: child and nanny play, draw, sing, read stories in English. A similar method was previously used in noble families for children learning French or German language.

If the child’s parents themselves do not speak English, but I want to teach the language to their baby, then the approach should be slightly different. First, the child up to 5-6 years is not logical thinking. Therefore, the explanation of how to construct a sentence, what is an article or preposition, the child is not clear. Best child learns a foreign language during the game, in everyday situations. Cartoons, picture books, coloring books, fun rhymes and fairy tales in English – here’s a good “educational” benefits for the baby.

If the child is 4-6 years old, my parents want to drive in a special group to practice English, it should be noted that the effectiveness of training depends on the duration and regularity. Classes should be held at least 3 times per week for four year olds and at least 2 times – for five years and older.

Learning English should not associate the baby with something unpleasant, boring. Therefore, it is important not to frighten his natural interest in everything new. The children are very restless and this has implications for the General English classroom. The variety of techniques used, the coercion to help make the process of learning a foreign language easy and accessible for the baby.

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