The influence of the computer on the child: pros and cons
  In our time, from the impact of the computer is very difficult to protect the child, and they are staying ready to sit at the games. Is this really…

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Threats Creek irony childhood fears
Parenting fear 1. Intimidation To restrict the activity of the child, parents invent a system of intimidation: — Will not be a mother to listen to, you are going to…

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A Method of raising a child


I agree, I was just the same. Though all his slack – lie, lie and anything I like and have made. I went to “reverse”. Here I want him, for example, to buy something (to give). Or already looking to buy, but did not immediately give up, let the small and insignificant (favorite magazine, a regular Snickers – he loves them, etc). I say” I will do such-and-such. (the only better one something and not a list of 18 items) – will receive a gift”. And my son, as the hurricane begins to rush. So he wants something! Surprised myself, but it works!

You wrote that you punish him. It seems that you are unfair to him. Children generally believe that all that you have given them this them. The child begins to behave worse, Oh so you (took the phone, etc) so I do so, receive! That is a bit of a fight turns out. On the one hand it is good even that the child has a clear position that he is not a sissy, but still children in global Affairs must submit to parents (at night to sleep, go to school, homework to do, things to clean up after yourself, eat right, dress for the weather).

Because it is difficult to understand why the mother first of all allows, then takes away. Riot. Personality, with its own interests and views at the surroundings, build up to seven years. Seek less primitive methods of education instead of prohibitions and deprivation.

Your child considers punishment to Your cause, and not to the misconduct. Talk to him calmly explain without didactic tone, why should he do so, as You say, not your own. And give things, it’s not fair. Things a child should belong to him 100% and before you take any thing, You will have to ask his permission. Then he will become a decent person. Each person and the child, including, must be something that belongs only to him. Otherwise, knowing that nothing belongs to him, and he himself does not belong, and parents, the child feels no responsibility for his actions.

People are different. There is among the children of the people act of punishment, and there are those which do not apply. Not to act differently.

Maybe the punishment is not fair.

Maybe this particular person is not suitable this type of punishment.

Maybe the punishment is too baby or too Mature for someone that age.

With adults the same. For one to write an “explanatory” is a serious punishment, and for other General nonsense. One understands the threat of a fine, the other doesn’t understand. And so on, so forth.

Communicate with the child, love him, respect as a person, take something (games, art, sport, exercise, work orders and so on) and most importantly try to understand him as a person.

What kind of person he is. What they like and don’t like. If we talk about genes, then what is he like. And does he look like in your childhood.

To understand the child and come to the correct method of education, it is necessary to know this child. So learn something that interests You from the child, and on the Internet can say anything.

Better parent one child may not know.

the child of such a nature or is it just so you or someone else is taking revenge I got a friend she is the child he is 7 years old one day a friend left me with a child, he was very bad I scolded him didn’t help and every time priorytety to them oplogo behaved but when he got well sabaody bad behavior, he avenges me his mom tried to fix it but could not get the child avenges me weak

Well first, this might not be the most important things for him. watch. Secondly, you may survive long enough ban and easily it is removed. Thirdly, examine or maybe it is more correct to do it, maybe he thinks you’re wrong? Unfortunately, all too common phrase, so I could have something more specific advise.

Source: Teacher with 20 years of experience, happy mother 2ih children.

well we can say without knowing the whole situation? because of what the conflict is, what is meant by “conversations, persuasion”? anyway, look for the CAUSE of the bad behavior and fight with her, and with the consequences. and: punishment – this is an extreme method, without which we’re to do, especially if it yields no results

It’s good to know this child to determine why he is affected by punishment. What matters is what is punished. What child does not. Communicate and take something baby then him rarely will such conduct for which we want to punish.

Some children don’t need to punish, and to punish some and definitely the stricter the better. We have a younger daughter several times stood in the corner (it’s already been a long time, but was punished for things that sisters took without asking, you were rude to my mother, tried to run away from kindergarten) and quite long (two-three hours standing). and the eldest was never punished because there is nothing. For the mess in the bathroom criticize both, it’s better to watch things. But all can agree, communicate, when you shop take into account the opinion of all family members including younger daughter.

Kids love being consulted, listen to them. Make it clear to the child that he is important to You, don’t look at it only from a patronizing position.

And if they have to punish, punish only for specific bad acts (if it has one). be sure to clearly explain what is punished. The penalties are different. One suitable punishment in the corner, another should be deprived of entertainment, third temporarily to deprive pocket money. Punishment should fit the child. Not everyone every punishment is suitable. Someone’s mom’s strictly opinion and he feels punished.

You must behave in a clearer and better understanding their child in order to find the suitable method of education.

You nakasama child if it is same… you nakasama child if it is the same caregiver? First you need to figure out what the caregiver blames the child, then find out from the child (not when the teacher, of course). how can he explain…

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