Mother-Daughter - relations psychology
  Girlfriend or rival — the relationship of mother and daughter are constructed, at times, not only on love, but on mutual grievances. But this does not mean that the…

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The Baptism of a child - rules for godparents. How is baptism
  That children need to baptize, knows almost everyone, even the person an unbeliever. But why, and why, a plausible answer a few. "A tradition", "because it matters" (though why…

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This program is based on an experimental variant of the standard program “Ethics and psychology of family life”, M. 1982.

Changes and additions to the program made by the doctor of psychological Sciences T. A. Florensky with regard to moral and social problems of the modern family .


The main function of the family is the continuation of the human race, the birth and upbringing of children, the transmission of moral and cultural heritage to a new generation. The family provides personal development throughout a person’s life.

The nature of the family, its spiritual and moral health largely determine the character of a person, the proper upbringing of the younger generation and ultimately the development of the whole society.

The leading aim of the course “Ethics and psychology of family life” is the formation of readiness for marriage and the upbringing of future children, respect for the family, its spiritual values.

The course has the following structure. The introduction deals with the aims, objectives, content and interdisciplinary connections.

In the first section, “the Family in the light of spiritual-moral and cultural traditions of society” reveals the dependence of the strength of the family from the preservation of its traditional norms of morality. Discusses the negative effects of the destruction of the traditional foundations of the family.

The task of the second section of “personality Psychology” is to give learners knowledge of the structure of personality, its orientation, individual characteristics and abilities.

The third section “Peculiarities of interpersonal relations youth” reveals a clue about the psychology of interpersonal relations, about the moral foundations of relations between boys and girls, fellowship, friendship and love, about the culture of their behavior.

Section “Marriage and family” begins with the opening of the concept of “readiness for marriage”, then describes the main functions of the family, the peculiarities of a young family.

In the section “Basic family values” are characterized by spiritual and moral foundations of the family, the workplace atmosphere, the budget and the economy, the aesthetics of everyday life. Highlights the importance of a psychological climate of the family, analyzes the causes of dysfunctional families.

In the final course in the section “Family and children” dealt with the theme: indispensability of the family in the upbringing of children, pedagogy of prevention and rehabilitation of child selfishness and typical defects of family education.

It must be borne in mind that the nurturing qualities of a family-oriented students and preparing them for their future family life is not limited by the scope of this course, and are General pedagogical task that is resolved in one degree or another specific means of each academic subject, the entire system of education and training in school.

The task of the teacher leading the course is to actively involve parents in the education of the qualities of a family man in their children.

The issues of sexual education are not included in the content of this course as their collective class discussion would mean solidarity with the position of “free sex” that nullify the ethical standards of the family . Deeply intimate, intimate sexual relations can be discussed in confidential communication mother-daughter, father-son. Therefore, the principle of teaching the course “Ethics and psychology of family life” is the inadmissibility of provoking teenagers and youths experiences of a sexual nature. Necessary respect for their sense of shame. The teenager and the young man can overcome this feeling, but in the future it is possible crimes against conscience, because the shame and conscience are inextricably linked.

Contrary to the propaganda of “sexual freedom”, in the soul of man is indestructible desire for a high, pure love, strong family. Aspirations these may be deeply hidden, pushed from the consciousness of the majority opinion. The task of the teacher is to awaken the spiritual forces of a growing person, able to withstand the lack of spirituality, cynicism, debauchery.

The course “Ethics and psychology of family life” may become the focus of spiritual and moral education and upbringing, facing the urgent and vital tasks of young adults. Because the family is the vital center that cultivates in man’s soul the eternal values of goodness, beauty, intelligence and love.