Communication as a condition of social adaptation and the formation of personality of a student with mental retardation
Only quality and proven work Communication as a condition of social adaptation and the formation of personality of a student with mental retardation Page 1 of 6: Abstract Communication as…

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Threats Creek irony childhood fears
Parenting fear 1. Intimidation To restrict the activity of the child, parents invent a system of intimidation: — Will not be a mother to listen to, you are going to…

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Smoking and children, passive Smoking children, the dangers of Smoking for kids effects of Smoking on children, How Smoking affects children, the Effect of Smoking on the child


“Smoking and children” — this is the most acute and pressing issues in contemporary society. How to stop adult smokers and help children cope with the problem of Smoking in the family and on the street?

Cigarette smoke, an ashtray full of cigarette butts, sandwiched between the fingers of the cigarette, all these paintings are not associated with children. But it happens so that children become familiar with the smell and taste of nicotine, while still in the womb. The sad statistics are shocking facts: 90% of parents-smokers took up the first cigarette at the age of 11. Passive Smoking disease affects child health. Every man should know: Smoking in any form does not pass without a trace for kids.

Children who “smoke” before the birth

A child whose parents smoke, begins its struggle for survival long before the birth. Reproductive function of smokers is weak, and the ability to conceive of them decreases with each new cigarette.

A Smoking mother is exposed to the risk of sudden miscarriage, congenital abnormalities, deformities and abnormalities of the fetus, the occurrence of stillborn, premature birth, and complications of stroke pregnancy. Continuing to smoke, a pregnant woman increases the chance of occurrence of sudden infant death three times. The dangers of Smoking parents may not immediately manifest, deviations from the norm in physical, mental and mental, will definitely make themselves known during the life of the child.

Children of heavy smokers are poorly adapted in kindergarten, they always get sick and capricious. At school age, the situation is only getting worse.

Children growing up under the smokescreen, can’t concentrate and gather, they do not memorize information and read slowly, it is difficult to formulate and clearly Express own thoughts. The result is poor health, poor academic performance, anxiety and lethargy. Smoking childhood deprives kids of the many joys of life, they just lose interest in it, they find it difficult to be on an equal footing with their peers! It is unlikely that such a scenario will satisfied with loving mom and dad…

Victims of passive Smoking

If someone from the immediate family and friends smoke, it means that in this family there is passive Smoking children. Inhaling the smoke and smell of cigarettes, tobacco residue on the clothes, the body and everyday objects, all this has a negative effect on the younger generation.

Passive smokers suffer equally, and in the case of children, and at times more than those who consciously and systematically draws:

this leads to allergies;

threatens severe forms of asthma;

increases the risk of infections, colds and viral infections;

in this case there is the probability of occurrence of leukemia.

Smoking and children are two, totally inconsistent, idea! Is there a reason that today, once and for all, quit Smoking, stop killing your own child!

Why do children smoke?

Who is the father and mother for your child? Of course, this is an example for behavior, a pattern for imitation, and a bad example twice tarsialignea and brighter. In families where parents smoke, children also begin to smoke at an early age. Fully realizing the dangers of Smoking for children, people close themselves were pushing the younger members of the family at an early experimentation with cigarettes. And, equally boldly take up the cigarette offspring as dysfunctional, and, quite successful parents.

Genetic predisposition, family reunion habit, information advertising, the desire to grow up faster, unawareness of the realities of the world, mental instability, protest against a ban, all this and more can be the root cause of children’s and youth Smoking in General. In these cases, the child has almost no chance for a happy and prosperous life without tobacco!

The consequences of child Smoking

Effects of Smoking on children are manifested in two times more aggressive than for adults, it is a fact. Nicotine addiction from an early age is so strong that to get rid of it later on becomes almost impossible. Acrid cigarette smoke poisons the immature child’s body, leading to irreversible and terrible change in him. Instead of having to develop and grow, inner strength, and health of the child is directed on struggle against the worst enemies: carbon monoxide, depressing nicotine, the smell of tobacco and toxic resins. To form normal and strong man in such circumstances is not possible!

How does Smoking affect children?

Cigarettes in childhood is a disastrous start for more serious experiments in adult life. Most smokers youngsters are future of chronic alcoholics and drug addicts.

The psyche of these children unbalanced and weak, they easily succumb to evil influences, often behave inappropriately and bitterly.

Smokers children low level of intellectual and physical development, which means that they will not be able to realize their potential in the future.

Toxic tobacco substances kill brain cells. that is why young smokers characteristic rudeness, confusion, anger, nervousness, weakness and mental retardation.

From tobacco poisons and nicotine suffer all human organs and systems: lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, stomach, nerves, eyes and so on. Smoking significantly increases the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer and oral cavity.

Together with the cigarette are transmitted to each other infective infection, microorganisms and harmful bacteria, because children often one cigarette smoke EN masse.

In children, associated with cigarettes, the metabolism in the body, which means that the child will never be complete.

The effect of Smoking on the child is enormous and force, the only way to protect children from this, to maintain their life and health is to forget about the cigarettes!

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