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Children’s room


Design childrens rooms

Children’s room is not operating, and should not be sterile – it should just be clean. After all, the conditions in which the baby lives, depends on his health.

In the house where the little man is growing, not just should be free of dirt and dust. It is important to create a specific microclimate is the environment (which may affect the child’s development), and illuminance (it depends on the baby’s mood and health of his eyes), as well as temperature, cleanliness and humidity (these factors affect the respiratory system and overall health little).

How to take care of the space surrounding the child and nothing to lose?

The period of waiting for a baby is the best suited for cosmetic repairs in the apartment: “freshen up” the walls and ceiling need not only in the room where it will live, but in the bathroom and kitchen, in that case, if the house was haunted by mold. (If it is not possible to make repairs, ceiling and walls need to be washed and, if necessary, to apply a special anti-fungal composition.) The Wallpaper in the room should not be too bright and colorful, more suitable for a quiet, pastel, matte tone. The flooring has to withstand frequent washing, so the old flooring, for example, should be varnished. Paints, varnishes, Wallpaper should be environmentally safe, marked “suitable for children’s rooms”.

Future kid’s room should be free from unnecessary items: old cabinets, upholstery, electrical engineering. From floors and walls need to remove carpets (these are real dust collectors). Don’t pollute children’s soft toys! Books should be stored in a closed (glassed-in) closet. If possible, it is better to remove from the nursery.

Houseplants better to move to the kitchen or another room. If you do decide to leave a couple of pots of flowers in the nursery, it should be no poisonous plants do not cause allergies, for example, Chlorophytum crested or common ivy (oleander and geraniums are considered to be allergic). At least once a week they should be rinsed under the shower to clean dust sheets and regularly change the top layer of soil in which to start the fungus and gnats.

Special attention should be paid to Windows. They should be conveniently opened for ventilation, and not only wide open (a window or a special delimiter is indispensable in the cold season). In the summer you will need the mesh against insects in the winter – warming (if the Windows are old). The curtains should be thick enough that the light didn’t disturb the baby to sleep and, thus, necessarily easy to fade.

If your kitchen has no exhaust, it’s time to install it, otherwise the combustion gases and odors from cooking food “will reach” in the nursery.

By the time of the occurrence in the house the baby will be required to do General cleaning: wash and clean all surfaces, Windows, floors, not forgetting the hard to reach areas (baseboards, radiators, wardrobes and beds). Baby furniture (crib, dresser) and other baby equipment (mattress, stroller, pelenalnyj, toys) should be treated especially carefully. After using chemical cleaners should again be rinsed with clean water.

After birth, the wet cleaning his room will have to do regularly: daily or every other day to wash the floors and dust and once a week – children’s furniture. Dry cleaning with a brush or broom in the nursery can’t do it: you just raise the dust. A vacuum cleaner must have special filters “for Allergy sufferers” (otherwise fine dust particles will settle in the respiratory tract of the baby and hurt him). While you’re cleaning and another hour after it finished, keep your child away from child.

In a kid’s room should be warm but not hot (temperature – 20). Keep the air in it was not too wet (in the bathroom, you can install the hood, and old Windows to make a more airtight that they are not condensation), or dry (in the winter at hot battery you can hang wet towels).

Use in pediatric purifier and humidifier possible, but only from trusted manufacturers and in strict compliance with operating rules (in particular, the device should not be operated continuously, or hanging too close to the crib). Don’t forget to change the filters. Also, remember that the use of the air cleaner does not cancel the regular airing of the nursery!

Children definitely need to ventilate, and as often as possible in warm weather, the window can be opened continually, and in the winter – at least 1 every two hours for 15 minutes. On cold days during the airing of the child it is necessary either to carry (and later to withdraw) out of the room, or wrap.

During the day the room should be light: within Windows need the daytime sleep of the baby, or when the dead sun.

Pet is better to close the access to the room where the baby lives. If the dog is walking on the street, after returning from a walk it is necessary to wash her paws, and once a month to bathe in its entirety. And dogs and cats twice a year is necessary to “chase” worms.

To protect the baby from infection from the outside world, adults need to follow a few simple rules: coming home, always wash your hands, change into home clothes (while working or street clothes are not to throw around the crib, and put into the closet), and if you suspect a cold be sure to wear a mask, or, if possible, actually sick to go to another place.

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