Shoplifting: buyers bear and an elephant!
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Health - Parents of children
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A chick or a puppy, or a child is a being for whom all life inherent instinct to protect, feeding, sacrifice. All the kids of the world it’s her tomorrow’s continuation of life and the path of evolution.

Parental love is the unconditional love God has for his creations. God always loves his children, because he always gives to a person and never asks for nothing in return. The Lord grant people happiness to be born in this world, the happiness of knowing the world and oneself in it, happiness, sorrows and joys, is a source of strength to overcome difficulties and happiness of self-conscious intelligence, the ability to create. To his great happiness, we like the heavenly Father the opportunity to love, to give, to create.

Absolute love is absolute, or God, it is irrelevant. God loves the world, ie pouring goodness, light and warmth like the Sun. The sun shines and warms, brings life to the planet regardless, we ask him about it or not, we love to bask in the sun or not, good mi or evil, healthy or sick, stupid or intelligent. Not casually in many ancient religions the cult of the Sun was associated with the Supreme deity. The goodness that give the Sun God, is irrelevant to what we are and what the world. The sun shines because it is the Sun, and can not Shine, otherwise it won’t be solncem. God loves us because he can not love.

One learns divine love first and foremost on the love of his calf. Dislike of children is the biggest problem of the human soul, because in this case the person does not have the main canal connecting it with God, namely, to learn unconditional love.

Absolute love, as the love of God, and even irrelevant, i.e. it is not associated with any particular object or person. She pours PA all equally, because, again, cannot fail to flow. Man, anxious to grab a piece bigger than the neighbor, to break above the other up the career ladder, to be richer, more powerful, more attractive than others, it is very difficult to understand the pointlessness of absolute love. How so, if I’m better, I have more to love! If I’m stronger, I have Prao for more in this life, and the weak have no such right. Well, that is reasonable on the concepts of the earth’s limited logic.

But when a parent two or more children and he is not able to say which one he likes: obedient or bully, strong or smart, nice or shy – people are beginning to understand abstract love of the absolute. Together with their children they love other people’s children, all children, all people (because we are all someone’s children), and finally the whole world. So he approached God.

All considerations about the fact that children are different, have no meaning. Than “harder” the child, the more love you will need to invest. This is our earthly karma – what you need to learn for their lives. If your “hard” children require more attention and smarterphone, then, the lesson of love you have ever never learned and now teach him under the lash of fate. “problem children” at the cost of enormous energy costs of parental love and understanding parental hearts will be able to become the people who will carry further nested in them the power of creation. Parents will be singing his biggest karmic debt to the world.

You gave the child everything he could, but he was just a consumer. He can’t give and don’t know how to love. Wait scolding him. You are losers, you do not have enough intelligence to solve the problem, the meaning of which is to teach the child to love through my love for him. If this does not work, then maybe you loved him for himself and not for him, as you feel comfortable, and not as he should.

If children becoming adults, incapable of loving, it’s because their parents have been unable or unwilling to fulfill its main task, they don’t understand in this process, the law of earthly life, earthly soul development. The lesson will continue.

The point is not to have seven children, but to give the child an example of warmth and love to the world. Love is an interesting thing. The more we love, the more it gets bigger, the brighter it burns, the more heat present. The more you give love, the more of her in you. The more I want to get love, the less it remains.