Questioning "why do you love your parents? "
  "because they're my parents, just so, you can't love something". "listen to me, when I feel bad, patience". "What words would you like to hear from your mom and…

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Relationship between parents and children
  Relationship between parents and children - section of Foreign languages, HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Ninth Edition Prentice Hall during the Period of Study In the Primary School is Changing the nature…

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Shoplifting: buyers bear and an elephant!


Shoplifting is usual beach and shopping network. Explorer portal  talked to the security officer of one of the capital’s largest hypermarkets, which told about the intricacies of their work, and then read a lot of popular forums where hundreds of participants thematic discussions almost proud to admit that they were stealing and will steal, if you can.

Steal anything and everything!

– You ought to see a decent-looking people are in-store thieves. Loot: makeup and creams for hands stuffed in the sleeves and the tops of his boots, magazines, books and delicious fish in a flat vacuum-Packed stuff for the belt of the trousers or jeans, tear the wrapper with expensive chocolates right in the room and 5 pieces of such “naked” chocolate in the bag stack.

I even find it difficult to say whether this group of products, which is not hankering shop thieves. Well, maybe large pieces of meat and cheese head. Although the last one was a case where the savvy buyer expensive cheese and stick the price tag on him, which was half the price. Only the vigilance of the cashier, which surprised such a low cost, not cheap in appearance of the cheese, and view recordings from surveillance cameras helped to identify fraud.

Teenagers often steal, but small things – gum, chocolates, trying to make beer. These thieves can immediately calculate the behavior: they are nervous, look around, walk around the store, fuss.

Small children are stolen most often through misunderstanding, grab something bright, put in pocket, and parents may not know. But there are parents who, on the contrary, use children as pilferers. Moms with strollers – it’s all beach. Know how much you can cram into the stroller, blanket chest of the child, if the child is older – in his pockets, hood, pant legs… And when the children walk by yourself, some “good” parents do not stop to put them in clothing pockets or any product.

Recently, the boy about four years old because of the visor hats with earflaps we pulled… 3 pairs of women’s underwear. And it was done only because the seller noticed that mom suspiciously corrects baby hat.

– About the fact that right on the trading floor eat scones, drink bottled water, we were given clear instructions: if we notice that devour something cheap, then no action is taken. Our Director took some courses in sales, he said, the bun is worth a penny, and is caught by the hand “eater” in your shop will never come that will bring you much more losses. But if such a fan of eating on darmowych looks seedy, we catch it and display on the street. However, together with the unfinished product – and what to do with it, with bitten?

Enema of brandy…

– Steal expensive alcohol such subtle ways, that’s amazing. Before the New year caught one lover of cognac, so he has the whole scheme was thought up: hidden in the leg, sorry, rubber enema hose from which I fitted in the sleeve, has attached to it a plastic funnel, took brandy for Br200, 000 and, walking in the trading room, hiding behind a scarf, he began to pour. Picked it surveillance cameras. Under threat of calling the police recovered the cost.

Professional thieves

– If thieves are single are often impulsive, from professionals is much more damage and loss. They know how to smuggle expensive alcohol through the display frame, make the bags with a double bottom, making a “double bottom” and clothing.

Typically, these thieves working group: someone distract the seller, someone is watching the guards, someone is stealing. Can start trading scandal in the hall – break something expensive and then cry. All of them, of course, run off, and companions at this time in their pockets. Professionals usually steal something expensive that you can then sell: expensive clothes, perfume, bags and so on.

Beeps not what we need

– Honestly, we did not twitch too much on squeaky “framework”, because in most cases the detectors react not to the stolen goods, and, for example, on a poorly demagnetized at the checkout. Also often squeak Russian money with foil strip inside. Sometimes the buyer in the bag CDs, books and magazines, not purchased from us, but frame is triggered by a magnetic bar code, pasted somewhere inside between pages.

Once there was anecdotal case: every day during the week I “squeaked” by the same girl. We already met, and all several times checked – well, could not understand what is. Then I more experienced guard on the other shift was prompted to ask if she bought clothes recently. And sure, it turned out, walks in the new jeans and there inside the label with the information on washing was glued magnetic strips – clothing store normally defended.

Call the police do not like

Yes if every shoplifter thief to call the police, more than anything else is not necessary. Moreover, in this case, you need to give the stolen as evidence, which means losses: the item for some time would not be realized, and the products may be damaged. So that the issues can be solved on their own and as correctly.

Uncaught thieves are proud of their successes!

Online forums discussing the issues of shoplifting, are very different. Those that are allowed to talk only to registered users, shining purity and sinlessness. But once you come to the page where you can write without registration, we can see how the web of anonymity thieves willing to talk about their “exploits”. Here are some of the revelations: “I steal food, cosmetics expensive (Chanel, Dior, etc.), clothes, back in the cafe to eat and leave without paying”; “I’m shoplifting a lot of money saved. It’s not about the little things. But in General, it is very interesting. Go on the hunt. The excitement, the thrill. I like it. Yes and it’s a shame to pay for some decent cloth money. She still look will soon lose, you get bored. Not worth all the money that they want.” Some complain about the complexity of security systems: “what I’d like to take, just can’t stand, and sausage in his bosom to pull – not Royal business”. Others shrug from someone else’s incompetence: “Why steal where there is a camcorder? I have “tested” the supermarket, there’s no cameras, no guards. Actually, I’m not risking. If you see that I’m watched by the seller, then do not take”.

Justified in-store thieves in roughly the same way: “I believe that the shoplifting cannot be attributed to ordinary theft. On the contrary, it is a vital redistribution of economic resources.” Laws and shopkeepers with this opinion do not agree.

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