Smoking and children, passive Smoking children, the dangers of Smoking for kids effects of Smoking on children, How Smoking affects children, the Effect of Smoking on the child
  "Smoking and children" — this is the most acute and pressing issues in contemporary society. How to stop adult smokers and help children cope with the problem of Smoking…

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Parenting without punishments and cry
In the period from one year to three with a toddler takes a surprising metamorphosis: he is becoming more independent, but I. more problematic. This book is conveniently structured guide…

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The Significance of the family in the child’s life


The value of the family in the life of every person it is difficult to overestimate. The family gives us support, support, warmth, communication skills, first lessons of love. It helps us to develop character, teaches us to overcome difficulties, etc. And better than the family, the more it pays attention to each family member and the baby including, the more confident the child will feel in life.

Of course, the most important role in the life of every child parents play. Them children imitate, they want to be like. However, paternal and maternal love for a child is not the same.

A mother’s love — is unconditional love. Mom is ready to take their child any (good or bad, healthy and sick, etc.) and loves him only for what he is. The inability of the mother to love her child negatively affects the formation of his self-esteem, self-consciousness of the child and his ability to love. Especially harmful is the lack of unconditional love of the mother for girls. This creates a feeling of loneliness and insecurity in relationships with peers and adults. Also arise from the lack of love in childhood or excessive demands of the mother may be the presence of already low self-esteem in adult women.

However, for the developing person no less, and possibly more destructive and excessive mother-love, self-sacrifice. Those girls whose mothers are sacrificing their personal life for them to grow or selfish, incapable of loving, or dependent and non-self. In any case, neither will encourage a happy and successful life.

The father’s love is not as unconditional as a mother’s love, she’s more demanding, but no less necessary for the development of the child. To mother a child comes to his regret, to share her sorrows and joys. And with the father he shares his accomplishments, waiting for his praise and approval, applies for protection. For girls dad is also extremely important, it focuses on his opinion in the assessment of its feminine qualities. Thus, a female character in children is formed by two components – example assessment of the mother and father.

And so, the child’s relationship with her mother is based on feelings and relationship with his father — on the deeds. However, this does not mean that dad can’t love a child or just what Mama needs to assess his achievements and deeds. It is not easy to understand the complex relationship of children and parents. You can only determine that the result of the love of parents is the child feeling of self-esteem, family intimacy, the desire to be like them.And hence the importance of the family in the child’s life is difficult to overestimate.

For the formation and development of the child’s personality play an important role not only his relationship with his parents, and how parents relate to each other. As in childhood formed the model of the future family life. Looking at the attitude of the parents towards each other, the girl creates the ideal model of a future family. From early childhood she knows that the family needs to do a woman and a man, how parents should treat their children. Of course, over time, this ideal model will change, but will change some of its features, but the essence will remain the same. Interesting is the fact that quite often girls who grew up in wealthy families marry men similar to their fathers, not only in character but also in appearance.

Currently under the word “family” does not necessarily imply the presence of mothers, fathers and children. Today, a growing number of “incomplete” families, i.e. single parent (mom or dad). In children who grew up in such families, there can be certain problems in family life and relations with the opposite sex. In addition, it can leave its mark on the personality development of the child and cause some features in his character. Although, of course, is better for children to live in a single-parent family than in full, but the conflict.

Single parents have to play the role of breadwinner, caregiver and housewife at the same time. They care too much because of trouble occurring in the child, more likely to experience financial difficulties – all this, of course, is not conducive to the creation of optimal conditions for his training. The majority of single-parent families in our country consist of mother and child, and single fathers it’s pretty rare.

It used to be that boys suffer more from the lack of father’s family than girls. However, recent studies show that girls raised without a father have some difficulties in dealing with the opposite sex, some feel uncomfortable in the presence of men. Girls who lost their dad in their Teens (because of divorce) sometimes becomes inherent aggressiveness, promiscuity in sexual relations.

Children who grow up with only one parent, do not see the relationship between man and woman within the family and it distorts their perceptions of family life.

The child receives additional trauma when parents disagree and begin to divide the child, allowing yourself unflattering things about each other in his presence. The kid in this situation can’t choose between mom and dad and sometimes blames himself for what happened (divorced parents).

In the child’s upbringing the parents complement each other, each of them has its own personality. And when a child loses one of them, we first have to assume the functions of the second. Of course, this creates some difficulties in the relationship with the child, but life shows that many mothers cope with their part. Moreover, experience shows that children who grew up only with my mother is much better suited to life than those children who grow up in an intact family in the atmosphere of hatred between parents. So if you have to choose between education in full, but family conflict and incomplete, the incomplete family will certainly be lesser evil.

The foster family. the best way to help the abandoned child! Site page for all those who have already started to wonder whether he will be able to make another child happy by giving him my love and care.