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  "Smoking and children" — this is the most acute and pressing issues in contemporary society. How to stop adult smokers and help children cope with the problem of Smoking…

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Health - Parents of children
  Adults go to the toilet thanks to his brain. The signal from the filled bladder enters the brain, and he commands: "be Patient" or "Go to the toilet". The…

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Questioning “why do you love your parents? “


“because they’re my parents, just so, you can’t love something”.

“listen to me, when I feel bad, patience”.

“What words would you like to hear from your mom and dad?”

from mom: “I love you, let’s go out for a walk, the kindest words (honey, Bunny, clever)”

from dad: boys – “for you, honey, you’re a real man, I’m proud of you”, girl – “how was school? how are your classes? I love you, if you have a problem, I am ready to help you buy things from? what do you give?”

^ 3. “What do you like to do together with your parents?”

From the children’s responses, we learned that this practice is “to go to rest on nature, to talk, chat, watch movies, play, do homework, do that trough.”

Psychologists say that:

it is the Pope often avoid conflict;

dads harder to switch from communicating with colleagues for a conversation with the daughter or son;

dads are often not able to control your emotions and move on cry, the instructions strictly.

The father’s role in family education is great.

1.A personal example of his father.

A huge impact on the development of the child have a relationship of father to mother. Participation in domestic work, the help of father mother fosters respect and respect for the woman. Observing the attitude of the father to the mother, the children get an idea about the relationship between men and women, about their parental roles, responsibilities, family concerns, problems, about reasonable ways of resolving them. Perception of the world, attitudes of children, largely depend on dad’s example, my father’s words and the relationship to his wife.

^ It is important that fathers support the development of femininity in their daughters and masculinity – sons.

So, the boy under the influence of his father generated such as manhood, attitudes towards women, the ability to take responsibility, ability to work. Praise from the father required the girls to form a harmonious female character, in self-acceptance, self-confidence, women’s dignity.

2. Attitude to work.

A significant role in encouraging a child to work plays encouraging parents relationship as an adult. Parental praise is highly appreciated, and what the father said, “well Done, well done”, or “helper”, “employee” pride.

To the adult level of the child and raise such phrases of his father: “Tomorrow we finish together”,

Let your child feel a real responsibility in the family. Children who have responsibilities at home, consider themselves important in the family.

3. Attention.

Answering the questions about their parents, adolescents noted such important qualities of the parents, as “the ability to listen, patience”.

Do you speak with your child? Ready to listen to the child alone, as much time as you need him?

Often there are situations when a child needs attention, just at this moment you are listening to him.

Don’t forget that “the Word spoken to you for a second, acts on a child by minutes, hours, days”.

Look during the day at least half an hour, when you will be

to belong to the child, do not be distracted by homework. In

this moment is all-important things, worries, joys, failures. The rule is to talk with the child. Your conversation can last for 10-50 minutes. Subject to choose topics of interest for the teenager, experiences, character, habits, desires, needs. Speak calmly, softly. At such moments, the child must feel that he’s unique, he’s special.

^ We asked children to wish anything to their moms and dads.

Tips for parents:

Prosperity in work and success.

Don’t be so strict (the Pope).

Always smile, rejoice.

Please pay me more attention.

Health, longevity, happiness.

Patience, restraint.

Do not swear.

Very accurate confirmation of a successful relationship with you is the child’s ability to easily recall the happiest moments of family life.

Let such a happy family days you will have as much as possible.

Talking to your child, always remember tact, respect for the individual child.

Learn to focus on their positive qualities, constantly stressing them in their child.

Never compare your child with other children, learn to compare “today” with “yesterday”, “tomorrow”.

Do not make excessive demands, always consider the possibility of their child.

Show your love for a child: show and tell the kids that you love them, often praise them. Praise builds their confidence, helps to emerge the best.

^ Remember that your words of encouragement, support so necessary for the child during the period of failure.

Never eat emptive negative evaluation, giving a pessimistic Outlook: “you can’t”, “you can’t” etc. – emptive Use positive: “you can do it”, “try”, “try”.

Teach children to be optimistic, not afraid of possible trouble. A positive attitude should become the norm.

If the child has low self-esteem, help him by the method of suggestion, the child is constantly repeated: “I will succeed”, “I can do anything”, “I’m a good student,” “I am confident”, “I’m good”.


More like their younger children, be careful and, most important, delicate with them

Love me and don’t forget to Express your love (look, a smile, a touch). Love me just for what I am and I will become.

The theme of our meeting today is closely associated with children’s aggression. Very often the child becomes nervous, aggressive, and unbalanced.

Obviously, not every child understands what he learns, primarily, for themselves, for their further achievements.

The guiding principle enshrined in international law and domestic law is a provision that the child must grow.

Questioning of parents “Your suggestions for the 2011 – 2012 academic year on the development of a school food”

Like a child the way he is, for what it is. He should know that he is born not to run over time.

Due to the limited amount of time available to the expert for examination of pedagogical activity in the framework.

You love to run? (Yes!) Jump? (Yes!) To compete? (Yes!) And hurt? (No!) Yes not flu sick, and cheering for their friends, when.

The girl needs to feel yourself a girl. Some fathers, waiting for my son, seek to educate the boy out of his daughter. It breaks up.