Communication as a condition of social adaptation and the formation of personality of a student with mental retardation
Only quality and proven work Communication as a condition of social adaptation and the formation of personality of a student with mental retardation Page 1 of 6: Abstract Communication as…

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Help for parents when children adapt to kindergarten.
  From the first days of life the child in the family habits are formed, attachment, behavior, which is based on a dynamic stereotype, i.e. the system of specific responses…

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Child erotica in cinema


The scene in erotic movie involving teenagers and sometimes even children – not such a rarity, however, it must be noted that world cinema knows relatively few examples in these scenes involved real underage actors. Most Directors avoid problems with the law in the most piquant moments adults use doubles, looking somewhat younger than his years, or shoot doubles with this view, when their faces are simply not visible. In those cases, when the scene involved a real child or a teenager, Directors make every effort to show as little as possible, while creating the illusion that the scene is something very honest.

Earlier we already wrote about the movie Young love. which just thoroughly permeated youthful (if not child, remembering that the main heroines in the film just 12 years old) sensuality and eroticism. Perhaps, never before cinema in its history did not go so far in researching this sensitive topic, as in this case. However, Maladolescenza is not the only film that provoked criticism and heated debate regarding the inadmissibility of the use of children in scenes of explicit content.

Piccole labbra Little lips

In the film “Little lips” young writer who returned from the war with a wounded leg, experiencing deep depression, seeking solace in their memories of past romances with women, he often tries to be in nature. During one of these walks he sees bathing in the river 12-year-old half-naked girl eve, played Katya Berger. After a while he falls in love with her and begins to write a novel about her. In his fantasies he often is the girl in different piquant situations. Several times throughout the film the viewer sees little actress completely naked when she tries on a dress in the attic when she’s taking a bath and lying in bed. But the writer did not dare to bring their fantasies to life. One day he accidentally becomes a witness to the scene seduction of eve a young boy, whom she knows nothing. Unable to withstand such a blow, the writer commits suicide.

In the full version of the film, which is now found only in the Asian online stores, there is a scene in which the writer in his fantasies kissing face and half naked body girls. In the final scene of seduction shown is limited by the fact that the young man pulls off Katya Berger underwear. Actually, this action is terminated.

In the acclaimed at the time the movie Kids (“Kids”) Larry Clark introduces us to the everyday lives of American teenagers. Scenes of promiscuous sex, alcohol consumption and drug use, and selected the abuse of children and adolescents caused 20 years ago a real shock for the audience.

In the beginning of the film 17-year-old telly tries to seduce a young girl who looks about 12-13 years old. After a little persuasion and assurances in “pure and sincere love,” he succeeds. Then follows a scene of sex between minors, which shows only the face of the young child actors.

As is known in the course of the film, telly already infected with the AIDS virus, what it is trying to warn his previous girlfriend. She is not new, and telly manages to enter into a relationship with another girl.

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song

In the movie Sweet Sweetback: Song son of a bitch. raising the problem of racism in American society, tells the story of a black guy Svitlica, running from the police after he stood up for black rebel.

The early years of Sweetbee spends in the brothel. In one scene, completely naked 12-year-old Svitek (Mario van Peebles) first enters into a sexual relationship with a prostitute. For American movie this scene is quite Frank, given the fact that the show child nudity even beyond sexy and erotic context there can be a reason for criminal prosecution. In this case, sexual innuendo directly on the face.


The plot of the film Moonlight. filmed in 2002, Claire lives with her wealthy adopted parents in a luxurious and isolated house in the woods. In the barn, she discovers a wounded boy his age. The boy turns out to be a drug courier from Afghanistan; he was wounded after he had fulfilled his purpose, bringing drugs within. Claire decides to keep the secret of the boy. She begins to take care of him and they fall in love. When the drug dealers come back and family Claire is going to go back to the city, they decide to run away together.

In this film there is a fairly explicit sex scene between the young heroes. Lauren van den Brock, which at the time of filming was about 13, in this scene it is shown Topless.

Love, Strange Love

Mr Hugo recalls the events that happened to him in childhood, when he lived with his mother in a brothel. Strange surroundings involuntarily force the boy to plunge into the atmosphere of Vice, reigning in the place that became by force of circumstances for him with his mother home. Prostitutes who are already visibly bored entertain the elderly patrons of a public house, the boy seems to be very attractive, and they do not hide their interest. The mother is trying to protect his son from such attention, even trying to close it in the very back room of the brothel. However, driven by hormones and curiosity, the boy himself comes to meet new and fascinating sensations.

In one of his fantasies naked boy surrounded by prostitutes commits a sexual act with one of them. This is perhaps one of the most graphic sexual scenes involving children in the film, because at some point you are already asking the question, and there is all this really?

Mother, understanding that such fire in the soul of the son. decided on a desperate act. To prevent prostitutes, essentially a stranger to women, to immerse the son into the abyss of Vice, she becomes the first woman for her son. The theme of incest to make the racy film one of the most scandalous and caller paintings in the world cinema.

Necklace of wolf teeth

In the Lithuanian film Vilko dantų karoliai 1997 based on the novel by Leonardas of Gutauskas talks about his creative quest of the artist. In one of his childhood memories shows how 13-year-old boy begins to undress 12-year-old girl, after which we see already naked children lying on the hay, actually making love, as wild and strange as it may sound: a boy, is shown naked from behind, kisses her absolutely naked barely-developed chest with his little girlfriend. In another scene of the film, this same boy trying to have sex with a prostitute in the cabin of a broken old car.