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Health - Parents of children
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The influence of the computer on the child: pros and cons


In our time, from the impact of the computer is very difficult to protect the child, and they are staying ready to sit at the games. Is this really a smart technique is fraught with a lot of bad and whether to restrict children from its effects? The computer helps the child to quench the thirst of their parents ‘ attention. You think so? But we don’t. Of course, computer technology has opened up enormous opportunities for any person, but no such instance can never replace simple conscious communication with their friends, peers, parents, and just close friends.

In our country, a boom in all kinds of computers, laptops, handhelds, tablets already in full swing. And today these dull minds sit our children! And, it should be noted, pay attention to him in the tens or even hundreds of times greater than us – the parents. Most moms and dads love knowing that their child sits calmly in her room and does not prevent them to work, relax or entertain. We hasten to disappoint you.

The pros and cons of the impact of the computer on children

Speaking about the impact on the child’s computer, let’s turn to a positive effect. Highlight some useful components of finding your child in the monitor screen:

incredible store of knowledge, and absolutely free;

silence in the house while sitting the child at the computer;

the opportunity to influence children and set conditions, something like: “if I allow you to sit for another half hour, promise after wash and quietly go to sleep”;

each time these conditions extend over a longer period, and shall take the child for granted;

the ability to quickly homework;

unlimited communication with interested peers.

These are real advantages of influence on the child’s computer, through which he will not be away from him for a moment, sitting only a few times. And each time, resorting from school or garden, it will run as soon as possible to enable the button on the surge protector, the button on the system unit… But this time on the street you will hear the joyous shouts of boys playing football on the Playground. Or girls, have fun Bouncing on painted on the pavement the old-fashioned “classics”.

The effect of computer on health and the child’s psyche

Now let’s see how does the computer on physical health and the psyche of children:

it all starts with the fact that after six months or a year or two back the child will be in the form of an exclamation mark, and in the future will lead to even more disastrous consequences;

the computer affects the vision, which begins to deteriorate after continuous conduct the screen, which will lead to the acquisition of points (probably for life), and the maximum – to long treatment;

prolonged sitting at the computer screen perevozbujdenia nervous system, causing the child becomes irritable, disturbed sleep, arise tics, headaches, fatigue, and in the future may develop and various psychosomatic diseases;

everyone knows pornographic websites. For the child is the forbidden fruit, which in a closed room alone with the monitor becomes available. Statistics says that about 40-45% of the children under 16 years constantly looking at porn websites! Later, a similar experience looking for implementation in action. Still not feeling better?

plus (though, as there’s a plus sign) to all – on the Internet today a lot of maniacs who under the guise of peer acquainted with your child, take some time to meet. What happens next is easy to guess.

How to deal with it? – ask parents.

How to reduce the harm caused by computer for the children?

Of course, the impact of a computer can be reduced, and the success depends solely on you.

Pay more attention to the child, the work will wait, and he very soon the University will go…

Give him more communication and learn to trust each other.

Become, if not the most, but the best friend to the child.

And, perhaps most importantly, diversify the child’s life vivid impressions.

Believe me, even the author of this article on the effect of computer on health and the child’s mind repeatedly and throughout the body ran goosebumps. So our advice to you: never forget that a computer is just an electronic machine (computer) that executes the n-th number of operations per second.