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The energy Exchange between a man and a woman

You will be just shocked how the relationship between a man and a woman can dramatically change the fate of each other. I’m not talking about happiness or suffering, it is about the dramatic changes in your life!

Strange but true — the energy exchange between a man and a woman begins even in the face of views, let alone any closer, and more intimate relationships. The energy exchange means that the man and woman become energetically inter-relating (linked within a single system) blood vessels. The result — early interchange between low energy and high order accordingly to the law of communicating vessels.

More detailed information about this and about the consequences of negative energy in the destinies of men and women, watch the following video:

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The energy exchange between a man and a woman: results

The nature of male energy ideas and goals, and the nature of the woman is the energy forces of achievement and Love. Simply put, to implement the idea of the necessary power and energy can be obtained only from women. I.e. a woman, being a Keeper of power, it can only give. The question is, to whom and how it gives her power? With whom and how it communicates? No matter whether many families are torn apart, his wife begins to give his power to someone else and not her husband. Very interesting in this respect is the article ” What to do if you had a lover? “.

It is important to understand that between a man and a woman, the energy exchange begins literally from the first sight encountered. Therefore, it is vital to understand the principles of operation of the energy exchange and in accordance with them to build their behavior in relation with the opposite sex.

For example, since the birth of each boy has a mother, a Keeper that inspires him, presenting the power of a mother’s love, sister, first love. — in every woman, a man subconsciously looking for a source of power, which would charge its activity to achieve their goals. The responsibility of women — who, how and how much to give their Keeper (energy protects women, to whom she gives her).

As in Russia, the girl drew her own boyfriend?

Dear girls and women, especially virgins, Your powerful energy potential and attracts, and then really shapes your vote in accordance with Your energy. The purer and more powerful Your energy, the more successful Your beloved and happier for the whole family.

You need to be responsible for the purity of their intentions and emotions, inner values, a state of harmony and joy within yourself, and, of course, the condition of fullness of love. All this determines not only the fate of women, but the fate of her lover and the entire family as a whole: because energy and inspiration for the activities of the family gives his wife.

The man is only a machine, but what can even the best car in the world, if it would be deprived of fuel? That’s just fuel for all the accomplishments of her husband and his entire family is wife, so she has very carefully and thoughtfully to treat their destiny since childhood. Family is the most valuable for women and the success and prosperity of the whole family depends on women. But how will she take stock of piety and opportunities that she’s given birth, the woman decides.

When it starts with a strong energy exchange between a man and a woman

The strongest energy exchange begins at the level of immediate sexual relations, especially if they occur in Love, i.e. at all three levels of the human body (physical, emotional and spiritual). In this case, the energy exchange and, accordingly, the energy-information relationship between a man and a woman becomes incredibly strong and, moreover, a synergistic effect occurs when 100% + 100% =” 300% or more.

With Energo-informational point of view, any pair of men and women that came into direct intercourse with each other, tacitly become husband and wife with all the consequences on the energy level until the end of life in these physical bodies.

That’s why, when someone from the family (couples) begins some sort of relationship with another partner (energy-information level — gets her lover), the energy of the pair, instead of bonding and strengthening relationships within the couple, already beginning to overflow to another lover. So family relationships that had previously just liberadio (misunderstandings, quarrels. conflicts) nachinat already collapsing. And from that moment their recovery less and less likely.

And if your spouse feels it, feels that energy is weakening, which tries to compensate with some external action. this is the cause of jealousy, fear of losing the beloved, resentment, lack of focus, anger, etc. All the result of one of a pair that is held together by the exchange of energy, begins to “merge” accumulated energy “to the left”, to someone else. It brings intense pain “the second half of the pair”. That is why, when cheating occurs, the second feels it on a subconscious level, literally “feels”, but so far there is no evidence to explain their condition.

That’s why in Russia we always have married a virgin. This ensured the strongest Energo-informational interaction of husband and wife, provided a strong and virtuous offspring, and warned various “love of suffering”, which literally filled modern society in which there is no knowledge of the principles of energy exchange between a man and a woman.

The secret to maintaining the energy exchange between a man and a woman

Maintenance means a steady flow, accumulation and transformation of energy. The man, having the power to realize their goals and plans, must return the woman (financially, gifts, care, physical assistance) equivalent received from its forces, thereby creating the Foundation for transforming sakkumulirovannaya energies with a higher spiral of energy. So, the wife even more inspired and gives more energy, the husband reaches a new higher goal. And so on to infinity. This is the secret of Love — she is growing.

However, if mistakes are made and time is not fixed, then all will increase suffering and misery. That’s why dagny section of our website entitled the following statement: “the Family is close-knit team to achieve unlimited happiness, or unprecedented grief. The choice is yours. ”

If a woman filled with Love, then it is subject to Everything. Her husband would take all the power for your self, and everything will happen naturally and easily. So much depends on each of us of our responsibility to other men and women. Let’s protect and care for each other.

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