The Psychological center of the Soul
  This book is about the communication of adults with children and to some extent adults among themselves. It continues and deepens the theme of my previous book "to Communicate…

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The Baptism of a child - rules for godparents. How is baptism
  That children need to baptize, knows almost everyone, even the person an unbeliever. But why, and why, a plausible answer a few. "A tradition", "because it matters" (though why…

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British parents angered teaching children to dance at the pole


Parents in the village of Sanli, England, were outraged, seeing as four-year-old child is involved in dance at the pole, which usually can only be seen in strip clubs, but has recently become fashionable in fitness clubs.

Students from the Academy Revolutions Pole demonstrated this kind of dance during the summer fair in elementary school Crockenhill, reports the Daily Mail newspaper. The performers were dressed in glittering form-fitting shorts and short tops and danced at the pole to the music from disney’s “the lion King” and the song Bonnie Tyler ’s Holding Out For a Hero”.

One of the fathers said it wouldn’t look so terrible if they “were dressed decently”, however, he said, “because of their clothes and bright makeup idea seemed inappropriate. I had the feeling that I’m watching something very nasty”.

However, despite the fact that one of the performers was 12 years old and the other only 4, the school administration and the owner of the dance Studio did not support the opinion of parents.

The school Director Sarah Uorshou (Sarah Warshow) said she invited the participants of the Academy Revolutions Pole to speak at a school fair, because she believes that pole dancing – it ’s circus skill”.

“the Association of school Crockenhill constantly invites organizing in Association with the school and community members to participate in our fairs», – said Uorshou on the web site of the school in response to outrage over the show.

In a letter to parents Uorshou said: “some of you may have heard a negative comment, which, unfortunately, was made in the local newspaper The Kent Messenger about the propriety of the dance pole vault Academy Revolutions. Very unfortunate that over the last couple of days, it was overlooked that this summer fair was a joyful, fun event, aimed at raising funds for the pupils of the primary school Crockenhill”.

The owner of the dance Studio kat Ledbetter (Cat Ledbetter) did not agree that the show was “improper”, and said that parents ‘ anger was “exaggeration”. «I do not think that there is something indecent that was shown during the fair”, said Ledbetter journalists of the Daily Mail. “This is a great exaggeration. Classes pole vault – is only one of four or five exercises that engaged children in todii, and it’s part of my business. To isolate it, and to tell them that they can’t do this, means intentionally to label this exercise”, ” she said.

However, despite recent attempts to portray the “new fitness exercises” at the pole, this style of dance is deeply connected with the world of adult entertainment. Psychologist from Vancouver, British Columbia Dr. Derek Swain (Derek Swain) stated that learning the girls dancing around the pole could later push them into the sex industry. “I think it will be very difficult [“wash” the reputation of the dance with a pole from her sexy mark]”, ” he explained. It was his reaction to the story about a dance Studio in British Columbia, in which girls from the age of five were trained in the movements of the dance with a sixth under names such as “Sexy-Flexi”, “the Fit of the pole”, “Kids motorcycles” and “boot camp for rabbits”.

Although the owner of the Studio denied that it teaches children ’s sexual movements”, and was assured that her lessons are not “aims to strip”, Svein said that “there is a potential risk, because we know that people ’s the adult industry” of conduct sets in colleges and universities, as well as trying to recruit high school students. Such a temptation would definitely be present, and for the person who already possesses these skills, to make this transition will be easy”.

the “pole Dancing is very athletic exercise, which in itself is useful for children. The question is how this exercise sexualisierung when it comes to clothing and movements taught by girls», – says Swaine.