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The Development of thinking in children
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Missing love children and adults


The answer to this question the correspondent of “City news” was looking for along with the staff of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.

The death of a loved one is always bitterness and pain resounds in the hearts of relatives and friends: such a loss to make up for it is impossible to compare with anything is impossible. But is it possible to compare and describe torn by the pain of the souls of people who have killed children? Dumb question “Why?” asking flattened grief-stricken relatives. The same question, but just out loud and people are asking experts from various interested services.

Today representatives of the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region (the Ministry, could not be more interested in that child casualties were fewer) state the following fact: despite the General decline in the region’s child mortality rate is 7.8% in 2013 from various causes died 475 minors, including 65 children — as a result of accidents and of crimes committed) remain numerous unresolved issues of security of life and health of children and adolescents.

Water, fire and copper pipes

Accident statistics, the victims of which are the fault of the case or whether circumstances are children, hits the spot. On 16 February this year in Kamyshin from carbon monoxide poisoning child died. Earlier in the Novoaninskiy district, two children were burned in the fire. And on the Baptism in Traktorozavodsky area of Volgograd, entangled in a makeshift bungee, was tragically killed 13-year-old teenager — a boy literally hung himself engulfed in his throat the rope.

Was it possible to prevent these cases? Who is to blame for the fact that it was so awkward and scared our children die? The specialists of the SU TFR in the region, investigating the causes of children’s death, claim: in most cases, children die or are seriously injured, because that’s what we adults do not create a safe environment for living or holidays. And the most dangerous time is the summer when children are left to themselves during the summer vacation. It was then that the area falls the avalanche of terrible deaths.

— In the past year, investigators have studied the circumstances of the deaths of 11 drowned children, — said the Deputy head of the SU TFR in the Volgograd region Dmitry Kostin. — Here are some of them: in summer the river Terhune gorodishchensky district, drowned 14-year-old villager this doll. After a few months, during the game, fell from an unenclosed deck of the bridge leading from the Volga to the island Green, 15-year-old boy who, unable to swim, drowned in the strong current of the river Akhtuba. And only by a lucky chance have not suffered were with him, a dozen other children, also Muravchik in the water to dangerous for swimming. As it turned out during the investigation of the recent accident, all measures to ensure the safety of children has been reduced only to the placement of information stands about banning swimming in the wrong place. And only on the initiative of the investigating authority about the tragedy of learned officials who made the official and administrative findings.

Worrying and accidents with children in fires: they are killed again by the fault of adults, usually in a state of alcoholic intoxication or oblivious to the fact that there is a faulty electrical appliances. And that too is terrible evidence: for example, in November last year, a large resident farm Zheltukhin Ilovlya district, fairly taking on breast, decided to dry them in an electric furnace children’s clothing. Things lit up instantly. During the fire destroyed not only the woman herself but also her infant son. Miraculously surviving five children left without a mother and without shelter. As a resident of Dubovka in June 2013, was left alone without the supervision of his two year old son. In her absence was faulty wiring: the boy is not able to get out of a burning house and burned alive.

Imminent death

Water and fire elements, to cope with which it is sometimes difficult, but who can resist. And how to deal with negligence and often a strange lightheadedness adults who, even knowing what responsibility lies on their shoulders, however, neglecting their duties? Indifference to them, as history shows, does not forgive: the victims are children.

One such sad example is the tragedy played in Kamyshin. On the territory of the unfinished city hospital complex once were children. The company-developer, obankrotivsheesa, not canned unfinished, local officials took no action to restrict access to the deserted building. As a result, the two children — 12-year-old and 14-latina boys playing in November last year on the territory of the construction site, — were under the collapsed concrete beam and received severe injuries.

Even more terrible and terrifying in its absurdity case shocked residents of the Volgograd region a year ago. A resident of Kletsky area put himself into the hands of his nine-year-old grandson a lethal weapon. Retired, avid hunter, often took with him his favorite grandson. He was sure that the boy owns a fine gun, the treatment of which he taught himself. In January 2013, in the midst of the Christmas holidays, the man once again took his grandson to hunt, where, and gave him a loaded shotgun. When the pensioner was distracted, the boy accidentally shot himself. The child was still breathing when his grandfather on trembling hands took out it from the forest, but to drop off his grandson alive to the hospital he did not have time…

Security officials are sounding the alarm: more children are dying not just from the hands of adults — they die because of our inaction and inattention. Babies die from suffocation when drunk mother put them to sleep face down in the pillow, and grown children from hunger, when parents are in favor of getting drunk to forget about the existence of native Chad. It is not always a punishment for the death of children goes adequate. So, by year of restriction of freedom sentenced the inhabitant of the village Kuzmich gorodishchensky district: her 3-year-old son, left unattended, knocked over a pot of boiling water and died from burns. Almost to the same penalty is 1 year imprisonment — the couple were convicted and Queen, who in November 2012 for a few days forgot about the existence of her 9-year-old disabled child suffering from cerebral palsy. Poor died of starvation in a cold house.

We are responsible for those…

Worthy punishment for blatant indifference to the life of a child become these sentences? Not judge us. The same result in many similar cases still sees guilt and structures, whose duties include the supervision of dysfunctional families, vigilant control over the fate of children in such families.

Perhaps, if the guardianship is more carefully treated to one of the Volgograd boys Andriy Malyshko, managed to avoid one of the dramas, which in the autumn of last year turned into a high-profile criminal case.

— Several years ago it had to be removed from the home and placed in a social institution: the boy grew up in unsuitable conditions, soon began to dabble in drugs, and soon all left home and became a hobo, — says Dmitry Kostin. — During his short life — and at the time of a violent crime, Andriy Malyshko was only 17 years — he 12 priors to administrative responsibility for various offences. In 2011, 2 years before the tragedy, the guy was convicted of theft — the court decided to return it to the family under the supervision of his drunkard mother. Needless to say, that there is no control over the boy, authorities prevention he also was not needed, and in September 2013, the guy has murdered 10-year-old boy, before it raped over it.

Was it possible to avoid this tragedy? Was it possible to change this child’s life, which just so deprived of this life of another, more successful child. Question the answer to which is simple and frightening: you can, if he and the other kids we were. These children do not get enough of us. Not enough for your attention, support, trust. Love is not enough.

Missing love children and adults
  The answer to this question the correspondent of "City news" was looking for along with the staff of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.…


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