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What is crying newborn? Raising a child is the Family and childhood


Chapter from the Handbook for nurses ’s Successful breastfeeding and psychological unity of the mother-child”, written by order of the Ministry of health with support from who/UNICEF

During the first three months of life, all babies cry a lot. Crying — this is the only way a newborn the mother to report that he is bad. To the baby form a good a good impression about the world, none of his request for assistance should not be neglected. Moreover, the mother’s reaction should be immediate. The sooner the mother comes to the child for help, the less it suffers the nervous system and the more favorable is his impression of the new environment.

Interestingly, the relationship between mother and child crying dictates her intellectual level and cultural roots. The children of Americans and natives in Western Europe cry more often and longer and this is due to the mother’s reaction to the great rallying cry of a baby. Anthropologist at Cornell University and author of the book “Our children, ourselves” Meredith small says: “In the West, the mother responds to the cry of their child, on average, after one minute — she usually picks him up and soothes. Children, born there, where still remained primitive civilization of hunters and gatherers (in Botswana, for example), cry as often, but time — half. The African response to the mother occurs after 10 seconds and is that baby is brought to the breast: there children are fed about 4 times an hour, and without any schedule, no matter how crazy it seems our crazy mode the moms… right Now all over the world the attitude to infant crying is changing — the child began to recognize the right to demand attention.

Useful for children to cry?

Many parents think that the old saying “what would the child have anything he wants — just do not cry”, offers them by any means to take a whiny baby, so he didn’t disturb them quietly do their business. However, in this proverb invested another meaning. Experienced parents wanted to convey to the young the simple truth that a child should not cry. It was believed that the baby crying is bad because it ruins his character and prevent its normal development. This opinion is absolutely true. Crying can either constantly sick child, or a child with inattentive parents.

The view that crying child develops light — that’s an excuse for those who can’t and don’t really want to competently care for the baby. Healthy well maintained baby will not cry for no reason. If the baby cried, so something bothering him and it is necessary to understand the reasons of crying, as quickly as possible to fix them.

Causes of crying newborn

The main causes of crying infant are:

the need for physical contact with the mother;

the desire to take the breast, to satisfy the hunger and sucking reflex;

the desire to shake;

the desire to sleep, fatigue and General discomfort;

the need for urination or defecation;

the feeling of cold;

the unwell child (intracranial pressure, disorders of the nervous system, irritability, hypertonia, hypotonia, pathology development, physiological phenomenon of the adaptation period, the beginning of an infectious or respiratory diseases, skin diseases or diaper rash);

hypersensitivity of the skin;

anxiety or fear, fear for its integrity, dissatisfaction with contact with the mother or the environment;

the consequences birth stress, memories of prenatal period;

reaction to geomagnetic or atmospheric phenomena, the phase of the moon.

Parents should be aware that the crying and restlessness of a newborn is always associated with some serious causes that need to be identified and be removed. As a rule, the children, the care which is organized according to the principles of soft adaptation, very little crying. Many parents are afraid that, in response to every squeak baby and meeting all their needs, they will spoil. These concerns are devoid of any reason, since your baby aged under 1 year is impossible to spoil. At this age only or to create confidence in the reliability of the environment or destroy it.

What happens crying

For crying newborn experienced mother can determine the cause. The cry of a hungry child, differs from crying due to pain or discomfort. If the mother is attentive to the baby, then she will gradually learn to discern what her crying child and will be able to distinguish: a hungry cry, a call, discomfort or pain, the desire to sleep. Consider the characteristics of different types of crying.

Rallying cry — the child cries 5-6 seconds, then pauses for 20-30 seconds, waiting for the result, then yells again about 10 seconds and then quiets down for 20-30 seconds. This cycle is repeated several times, with the crying gradually increases until becomes solid.

Hungry crying — begins with the call up crying. If the mother came and picked up, but was not offered the breast, then the crying turns into an angry scream, combined with a search head movements, and during a search of the movements of the baby pauses. If the mother and after that gives the chest, the crying becomes hysterical, choking.

Crying in pain — it is the cry with a hint of suffering and despair. It is quite smooth incessant crying, which arise periodically bursts desperate cry, which seem to correspond to increased pain.

Crying during excretion — like a squeak or a whimper, which can turn into a scream immediately before the time of urination, if the mother does not understand the child and assists him.

Crying when you desire to sleep — quite even a whimper of complaint, accompanied by yawning and frequent closing of the eyes.

In addition to the crying infant may reflect different emotional experiences — resentment, complaint, anxiety, mental pain, hopelessness, etc.

Rules of behaviour of parents when baby is crying. Present rules that you need to know parents who had a newborn.

The first and most important rule: if the baby cried, it must take the hand and give the Breasts. But if he’s crying, being at hand, it is necessary to offer him the breast and jiggle.

If the child does not calm down or refuses to take the breast, and the mother may not understand the nature of crying, you should investigate the cause. You need to try to drop the baby, or change diapers, if he’s already done that on their own; to try to shake the baby and put him to sleep. If this does not give quick results, you need to check and eliminate possible causes of skin irritation: check out the clothes, the status of the wheelchair or bed, to check whether the wrapped eyelet baby, no diaper rash or lesions.

Trying to calm the child, the mother herself must be calm. Quite often babies cry in response to irritation and nervousness mother or overall unfriendly atmosphere in the family. Therefore, a woman needs to calm down and eliminate the source of irritation.

If these measures fail, then the reasons for crying are either the result of serious mistakes in care and should invite a psychologist Perinatology to urgently establish it, or lie in the unwell child and need to call a doctor. While parents await the arrival of professionals do not throw the child in the lurch. It should continue to be worn on the hands, often to breastfeed, change diapers and to monitor the condition of the skin, because these measures in any way improve the condition of the baby.