What is crying newborn? Raising a child is the Family and childhood
  Chapter from the Handbook for nurses ’s Successful breastfeeding and psychological unity of the mother-child", written by order of the Ministry of health with support from who/UNICEF During the…

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How not to injure the psyche of the child in a divorce
  Divorce carries a lot of negative emotions. When divorcing spouses often acquire an inferiority complex, their self-esteem drops and so on. But in comparison with this, a child, divorce…

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Threats Creek irony childhood fears

Parenting fear

1. Intimidation

To restrict the activity of the child, parents invent a system of intimidation:

— Will not be a mother to listen to, you are going to eat.

— That will give you to the doctor. (Policeman, fireman, janitor with a broom. ).

— Will long to touch — it will fall off.

As a result of such education trip to the hospital or call the doctor at home is a tragedy and a scandal. Just a happy child suddenly begins to yell at the whole waterfront (and we do not realize that the whole “blame” the policeman, standing at the crossroads). And on the grounds of sexual fears psychopathology theories developed!

Strada children, we:

a) suppress their activity, causing increased irritability and soreness,

b) introduce into the consciousness of the new characters that cause irrational anxiety and hysteria.

“The most harmless consequence of all this is that the frightened child afraid to stay home alone and thereby provides parents a lot of difficulties and inconveniences.

Fear must be banished from the world of childhood. This is the first concern of the teacher”. (5).

2. Threats

Children (especially young) often perceive the threat as an invitation to repeat the forbidden action.

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Missing love children and adults


The answer to this question the correspondent of “City news” was looking for along with the staff of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.

The death of a loved one is always bitterness and pain resounds in the hearts of relatives and friends: such a loss to make up for it is impossible to compare with anything is impossible. But is it possible to compare and describe torn by the pain of the souls of people who have killed children? Dumb question “Why?” asking flattened grief-stricken relatives. The same question, but just out loud and people are asking experts from various interested services.

Today representatives of the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region (the Ministry, could not be more interested in that child casualties were fewer) state the following fact: despite the General decline in the region’s child mortality rate is 7.8% in 2013 from various causes died 475 minors, including 65 children — as a result of accidents and of crimes committed) remain numerous unresolved issues of security of life and health of children and adolescents.

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Congratulations to the wedding from the parents in your own words

Going to the wedding, the guests want to participate in a joyful feast, fun contests, dancing. All this ahead of, and now the ceremony of congratulations.

The audience sad: as you can listen to the same wishes of love, health, happiness and more children! The bride and groom smile and duty thank, looking longingly at the huge queue of guests who have yet to say a call center speech.

Of course, no congratulations at the wedding is indispensable, but if you approach the matter with a soul, anyone at this time will not be bored.

Wedding speech interesting to listen to

Getting started preparing the wedding speech, keep in mind that it should not be long. A little math: if the celebration there are 50 guests and each will stretch the performance for five minutes, the whole procedure will take more than four hours, and when to have fun?

Of course, parents, witnesses and close relatives have a lot to say to the newlyweds, but the other guests will have a couple of minutes.

Well, if you can give your congratulations to the newlyweds in verses of his own composition, but only if you are sure that you know how to do it well.

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