The Influence of parents on children
  In one article all the subtleties of parent–child relationships to disclose. Today we will consider only how negative words, name-calling child with no ability to control your emotions affect…

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Why do children lie to their parents, and how to fight it?
  No matter how much we wanted to see their children truthful, from time to time they have to state that children, like adults, lying. Lie children of all ages,…

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British parents angered teaching children to dance at the pole


Parents in the village of Sanli, England, were outraged, seeing as four-year-old child is involved in dance at the pole, which usually can only be seen in strip clubs, but has recently become fashionable in fitness clubs.

Students from the Academy Revolutions Pole demonstrated this kind of dance during the summer fair in elementary school Crockenhill, reports the Daily Mail newspaper. The performers were dressed in glittering form-fitting shorts and short tops and danced at the pole to the music from disney’s “the lion King” and the song Bonnie Tyler ’s Holding Out For a Hero”.

One of the fathers said it wouldn’t look so terrible if they “were dressed decently”, however, he said, “because of their clothes and bright makeup idea seemed inappropriate. I had the feeling that I’m watching something very nasty”.

However, despite the fact that one of the performers was 12 years old and the other only 4, the school administration and the owner of the dance Studio did not support the opinion of parents.

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Threats Creek irony childhood fears

Parenting fear

1. Intimidation

To restrict the activity of the child, parents invent a system of intimidation:

— Will not be a mother to listen to, you are going to eat.

— That will give you to the doctor. (Policeman, fireman, janitor with a broom. ).

— Will long to touch — it will fall off.

As a result of such education trip to the hospital or call the doctor at home is a tragedy and a scandal. Just a happy child suddenly begins to yell at the whole waterfront (and we do not realize that the whole “blame” the policeman, standing at the crossroads). And on the grounds of sexual fears psychopathology theories developed!

Strada children, we:

a) suppress their activity, causing increased irritability and soreness,

b) introduce into the consciousness of the new characters that cause irrational anxiety and hysteria.

“The most harmless consequence of all this is that the frightened child afraid to stay home alone and thereby provides parents a lot of difficulties and inconveniences.

Fear must be banished from the world of childhood. This is the first concern of the teacher”. (5).

2. Threats

Children (especially young) often perceive the threat as an invitation to repeat the forbidden action.

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This program is based on an experimental variant of the standard program “Ethics and psychology of family life”, M. 1982.

Changes and additions to the program made by the doctor of psychological Sciences T. A. Florensky with regard to moral and social problems of the modern family .


The main function of the family is the continuation of the human race, the birth and upbringing of children, the transmission of moral and cultural heritage to a new generation. The family provides personal development throughout a person’s life.

The nature of the family, its spiritual and moral health largely determine the character of a person, the proper upbringing of the younger generation and ultimately the development of the whole society.

The leading aim of the course “Ethics and psychology of family life” is the formation of readiness for marriage and the upbringing of future children, respect for the family, its spiritual values.

The course has the following structure. The introduction deals with the aims, objectives, content and interdisciplinary connections.

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How to deal with exes after divorce
  You are divorced and are not going to restore your marriage and love relationship, but have common children, business or other necessity for meetings. How to make this communication…


Missing love children and adults
  The answer to this question the correspondent of "City news" was looking for along with the staff of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.…

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