Smoking and children, passive Smoking children, the dangers of Smoking for kids effects of Smoking on children, How Smoking affects children, the Effect of Smoking on the child
  "Smoking and children" — this is the most acute and pressing issues in contemporary society. How to stop adult smokers and help children cope with the problem of Smoking…

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Children's fear - the history of life
  Max large wide eyes. Sometimes he's enthusiastic, and in those moments it's a boy the most beautiful smile. But sometimes his eyes instantly fill with tears. He is 2.5…

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A chick or a puppy, or a child is a being for whom all life inherent instinct to protect, feeding, sacrifice. All the kids of the world it’s her tomorrow’s continuation of life and the path of evolution.

Parental love is the unconditional love God has for his creations. God always loves his children, because he always gives to a person and never asks for nothing in return. The Lord grant people happiness to be born in this world, the happiness of knowing the world and oneself in it, happiness, sorrows and joys, is a source of strength to overcome difficulties and happiness of self-conscious intelligence, the ability to create. To his great happiness, we like the heavenly Father the opportunity to love, to give, to create.

Absolute love is absolute, or God, it is irrelevant. God loves the world, ie pouring goodness, light and warmth like the Sun. The sun shines and warms, brings life to the planet regardless, we ask him about it or not, we love to bask in the sun or not, good mi or evil, healthy or sick, stupid or intelligent. Not casually in many ancient religions the cult of the Sun was associated with the Supreme deity. The goodness that give the Sun God, is irrelevant to what we are and what Continue reading

The Psychological center of the Soul


This book is about the communication of adults with children and to some extent adults among themselves. It continues and deepens the theme of my previous book “to Communicate with the child. How?”.

Judging by the reader reviews, the first book was useful. Many people told me about the positive changes in their lives that occurred after reading it. In meetings with very different people – they were parents and children, couples and singles, students and business people – we discussed the difficult issues of parenting, communication problems, difficult situations. So have accumulated a living material, which was included in the new book.

In addition to living stories, the book uses the ideas of outstanding professional psychologists, educators, philosophers and thinkers. Another priceless steel material vivid descriptions of emotions in works of fiction, memoirs, biographies and autobiographies[1]. It is only through real stories, personal experience and practice, you can reach a deep understanding of what was trying and trying to give us outstanding humanist scholars and practitioners who have chosen as their profession to help people in the education of children Continue reading

The Role of family traditions in shaping the child’s personality


Every nation and every family separately over the life of its own specific social and personal traditions. Social traditions influence the structure of society, its legal and legislative structure.

Family tradition is imprinted on the development of family relationships, mutual understanding among family members, feelings of mutual respect, support and empathy.

Modern traditions of family relations differ significantly from the requirements of the past. The differences relate to the forms and degree of rigidity of social control over the implementation of the marriage and family relations, content and style of paternal and maternal roles, responsibilities, relationships, children, relations of children and parents, relationships between members of different generations living in one household.

Family traditions affect mental and physical health of each family member, their characters and actions, create more or less favorable conditions for raising children and establishing positive family relationships.

Family tradition – the shape and condition of coexistence relatives, which allows to some extent to implement its functions – the reproduction and rearing of offspring, farming and the needs of its members. Family traditions are determined Continue reading