The influence of the computer on the child: pros and cons
  In our time, from the impact of the computer is very difficult to protect the child, and they are staying ready to sit at the games. Is this really…

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Relations between parents and children.
Fathers and sons - a problem that exists since the creation of man by God. After all, the Lord spoke to Adam not to eat the fruit from the tree…

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Congratulations to the wedding from the parents in your own words

Going to the wedding, the guests want to participate in a joyful feast, fun contests, dancing. All this ahead of, and now the ceremony of congratulations.

The audience sad: as you can listen to the same wishes of love, health, happiness and more children! The bride and groom smile and duty thank, looking longingly at the huge queue of guests who have yet to say a call center speech.

Of course, no congratulations at the wedding is indispensable, but if you approach the matter with a soul, anyone at this time will not be bored.

Wedding speech interesting to listen to

Getting started preparing the wedding speech, keep in mind that it should not be long. A little math: if the celebration there are 50 guests and each will stretch the performance for five minutes, the whole procedure will take more than four hours, and when to have fun?

Of course, parents, witnesses and close relatives have a lot to say to the newlyweds, but the other guests will have a couple of minutes.

Well, if you can give your congratulations to the newlyweds in verses of his own composition, but only if you are sure that you know how to do it well.

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Child erotica in cinema


The scene in erotic movie involving teenagers and sometimes even children – not such a rarity, however, it must be noted that world cinema knows relatively few examples in these scenes involved real underage actors. Most Directors avoid problems with the law in the most piquant moments adults use doubles, looking somewhat younger than his years, or shoot doubles with this view, when their faces are simply not visible. In those cases, when the scene involved a real child or a teenager, Directors make every effort to show as little as possible, while creating the illusion that the scene is something very honest.

Earlier we already wrote about the movie Young love. which just thoroughly permeated youthful (if not child, remembering that the main heroines in the film just 12 years old) sensuality and eroticism. Perhaps, never before cinema in its history did not go so far in researching this sensitive topic, as in this case. However, Maladolescenza is not the only film that provoked criticism and heated debate regarding the inadmissibility of the use of children in scenes of explicit content.

Piccole labbra Little lips

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The Development of thinking in children

1. Theoretical aspects of psychological peculiarities of the development of logical thinking in children of preschool age

1.1. The concept and essence of logical thinking

Thinking is the highest level of human cognition. Thinking allows you to gain knowledge about such objects, properties and relations of the real world that cannot be perceived at the sensory stage of cognition. The result of thinking is the idea expressed in the word.

The development of children’s thinking occurs in stages. At the initial stage it is a clearly-effective, or practical thinking. The development of the visual-active thinking preschoolers contribute to picture games-puzzles, construction toys, puzzles.

Four to five years, children begin to move from the action items to action with images of these items occurring in the mind. So developing visual-figurative thinking. At this stage, the child doesn’t have to take the subject in hand, clearly enough to submit it.

At preschool age can only talk about the prerequisites for the development of verbal-logical thinking. This is the most difficult type of thinking, which do not operate on specific images, and complex abstract concepts expressed by words. Although logical thinking allows us to solve a wider range of tasks to develop scientific knowledge, do not rush to form a preschooler Continue reading