The Development of thinking in children
1. Theoretical aspects of psychological peculiarities of the development of logical thinking in children of preschool age 1.1. The concept and essence of logical thinking Thinking is the highest level…

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Relationship between parents and children
  Relationship between parents and children - section of Foreign languages, HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Ninth Edition Prentice Hall during the Period of Study In the Primary School is Changing the nature…

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Missing love children and adults


The answer to this question the correspondent of “City news” was looking for along with the staff of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.

The death of a loved one is always bitterness and pain resounds in the hearts of relatives and friends: such a loss to make up for it is impossible to compare with anything is impossible. But is it possible to compare and describe torn by the pain of the souls of people who have killed children? Dumb question “Why?” asking flattened grief-stricken relatives. The same question, but just out loud and people are asking experts from various interested services.

Today representatives of the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region (the Ministry, could not be more interested in that child casualties were fewer) state the following fact: despite the General decline in the region’s child mortality rate is 7.8% in 2013 from various causes died 475 minors, including 65 children — as a result of accidents and of crimes committed) remain numerous unresolved issues of security of life and health of children and adolescents.

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The influence of the computer on the child: pros and cons


In our time, from the impact of the computer is very difficult to protect the child, and they are staying ready to sit at the games. Is this really a smart technique is fraught with a lot of bad and whether to restrict children from its effects? The computer helps the child to quench the thirst of their parents ‘ attention. You think so? But we don’t. Of course, computer technology has opened up enormous opportunities for any person, but no such instance can never replace simple conscious communication with their friends, peers, parents, and just close friends.

In our country, a boom in all kinds of computers, laptops, handhelds, tablets already in full swing. And today these dull minds sit our children! And, it should be noted, pay attention to him in the tens or even hundreds of times greater than us – the parents. Most moms and dads love knowing that their child sits calmly in her room and does not prevent them to work, relax or entertain. We hasten to disappoint you.

The pros and cons of the impact of the computer on children

Speaking about the impact on the child’s computer, let’s turn to a positive effect. Highlight some useful components of finding your child in the monitor screen:

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How to deal with exes after divorce


You are divorced and are not going to restore your marriage and love relationship, but have common children, business or other necessity for meetings. How to make this communication as comfortable as possible? Let’s try together with the columnist of  to understand the complexities of passamani life.

Scandal and hatred

People rarely go peacefully. Normally it is breaking dishes, mutual accusations, shouts of hatred and tug on their side children and friends. And most importantly the desire divorced – never to meet a man who was passing by the spouse.

The first time after a divorce do not force yourself and do not meet with the former husband or wife. Need to recover mentally and consciously prepare for the next step (unless of course you generally intend to do). As a rule, after the divorce, most couples stop communicating, because I do not see in it sense. But if you have a child together, communicating somehow have to continue.

How to begin a relationship after divorce?

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